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[Jan. 27, 1960] Hail Mary (Astounding's mid-life crisis)

(01/27/2015 6:59 PM)

Maturity is both a blessing and a curse. With age comes wisdom, knowledge, and respect. But advanced years also bring narrowmindedness and physical decay.

Comics Bulletin Exclusive Preview - X-O Manowar #33 (All-New Jumping On Point)

(01/27/2015 3:18 PM)

Here's an EXCLUSIVE first look at Valiant's X-O Manowar #33, set to be available in print and digitally next Wednesday, February 4, 2014. Written by Robert Venditti Art by Rafa Sandoval Cover A by Marguerite Sauvage Cover B by Ryan Lee Variant Cover by Chriscross X-O Manowar has beaten the Vine. Survived the Armor Hunters. Come face to [...]

Arrow 3.10 "Left Behind"

(01/27/2015 2:56 PM)

Arrow didn't return with a bang or a whimper, but more of a sneer.

Advance Review: 'Casanova: Acedia' is Fun, Pure and Uncut

(01/27/2015 1:29 PM)

Writer: Matt Fraction ("Nine Days Now"), Michael Chabon ("The Metanauts: Kawaii-Five O") Artist: Fábio Moon ("Nine Days Now"), Gabriel Bá ("The Metanauts: Kawaii-Five O") Colors: Cris Peter Letters: Dustin Harbin Publisher: Image KEITH SILVA: First came lust (Luxuria), followed by gluttony (Gula) and after, avarice (Avaritia) and now negligence/sloth (Acedia), so much divinity, so much [...]

Justified 6.01 "Fate's Right Hand"

(01/27/2015 12:00 PM)

Justified kicks off its final season as Raylan and Boyd face off for the last time.

Review: 'Zenith: Phase Two' Brings More Grant Morrison Brilliance

(01/27/2015 11:14 AM)

Review: 'Zenith: Phase Two' Brings More Grant Morrison Brilliance4.5Overall ScoreReader Rating: (0 Votes)The second phase of Zenith leverages a quintessentially British and remarkably calculated villain to give a deeper look into the importance of super heroes on the larger political landscape of the world as presented by Grant Morrison. However, the six-page per issue format [...]

Review: Dungeon Hearts

(01/27/2015 10:25 AM)

Rogue-lites have been rather popular lately and their mechanics seem to be popping up in every genre. Dungeon Hearts attempts to fuse dungeon crawling gameplay with a match 3 system. This isn't the first time this has been done, we've seen Dungeon Raid and 10,000,000 do the same, but Dungeon Hearts eschews the traditional static [...]

The Flash 1.10 "Revenge of the Rogues"

(01/27/2015 10:00 AM)

The Flash is out in the public now and I say "Good!"

Kickstarter Spotlight: Exo

(01/27/2015 9:33 AM)

A.J. Conway's first self-published graphic novel: Exo A.J. Conway is a young Australian writer from Melbourne, and he is hoping to self-publish his very first graphic novel during the calendar year 2015. During his studies, he has managed to write and publish three novels, one of which was successfully so with Random House: My Nova (2012), The Treaty (2014), [...]

Episode 80 - Hafiz Azman (Rhythm Doctor) - The Indie Haven Podcast

(01/27/2015 7:53 AM)

Download this episode (right click and save) Hello and welcome to Episode 80 of The Indie Haven Podcast, that weekly internet show where we get Indie developers on to talk about music theory and game design. This week the regular gang have the pleasure of being joined by Hafiz Azman, developer of Rhythm Doctor, a [...]

Kas Neteler Talks She's Geeky!

(01/27/2015 7:30 AM)

She's Geeky is an unConference for women in STEM. It's place for women to discuss passions, careers, lives, in a supportive environment. There have been 17 conferences since 2007 in many major cities. I was thrilled to get to talk to Kas Neteler, the multi-talented executive producer of She's Geeky. ...

The Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer is Here!

(01/27/2015 7:27 AM)

The Fantastic Four is directed by Josh Trank and is due in theaters on August 7, 2015.

Keeping the San Diego in San Diego Comic-Con

(01/27/2015 6:53 AM)

(Click here to download a podcast version of this article in mp3 format.) If you're a fan of San Diego Comic-Con, or if you live in San Diego, you might have heard about the convention center brouhaha that's been going on the past few years. In short, some people in the city want to expand [...]

Singles Going Steady 1/27/2015: The Epitome of a Single Going Steady

(01/26/2015 9:19 PM)

Singles Going Steady is Comics Bulletin's weekly single issue review roundup. Rocket Raccoon #7 (Skottie Young / Filipe Andrade / Jean-Francois Beaulieu / Jeff Eckleberry; Marvel Entertainment) Rocket Raccoon #7 is the epitome of a single (series) going steady. Skottie Young's ability to continually write humorous and quirky dialogue blended it into new adventures for [...]

Gotham 1.12 "What the Little Bird Told Him"

(01/26/2015 4:18 PM)

It's a great time to be a Gotham fan.

Tusk (2014)

(01/26/2015 3:04 PM)

I wanted to set Tusk's derpy premise aside and embrace it for what it may have been.

Kickstarter Class for Indie Creators

(01/26/2015 2:30 PM)

Add this to the list of Really Great Ideas. How many times have you read about a Kickstarter and thought "if only that person had been able to take a class to help them learn how to do things right. Well, Boston Metaphysical Society creator Madeleine Holly-Rosing is here to help... Pulp Fiction Books and Comics announced they would be [...]

Kickstarter Spotlight: Nocturnals

(01/26/2015 12:00 PM)

Dan Brereton's New Nocturnals Graphic Novel! Over two decades ago, five-time Eisner Award nominee, Dan Brereton brought us Nocturnals, a series of graphic novels and stories with a pulp-style blend of Crime, Gothic Horror, and adventure with just a twist of Halloween. The books followed the adventures of Evening and her father, Doc Horror. Evening [...]

Shocking Super Mario Bros. Secret That Will Make You Think Twice Before Smashing Another Block

(01/26/2015 10:13 AM)

The original Super Mario Bros. is one of my favorite video games of all time. It paved the way for so many video games afterwards. You play the role of a common man trying to...

The Originals 2.10 "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire"

(01/26/2015 10:00 AM)

This episode of The Originals takes the time to re-establish all our mid-season players and predicaments.

BTFT: Joe Kubert and the Other Mr. T

(01/26/2015 9:00 AM)

DC, Joe Kubert Presents #1, 3-6, written by Joe Kubert, Sam Glanzman, Brian Buniak, Paul Levitz and Pete Carlsson, drawn by Joe Kubert, Sam Glanzman, Brian Buniak, Brandon Vietti and Henrik Jonsoon, 2012-2013 If you didn't catch Joe Kubert Presents as it was coming out, you probably forgot that it exists. Just as we lost [...]

Franchises And Thoughts

(01/26/2015 7:30 AM)

I've started to question the value of franchises. This may sound strange in many ways. You may wonder "what the hell took you so long?" as we try to figure out why Spider-Man movies keep getting remade. You may wonder why I care, because I'm bang alongside crazy creativity, cosplay, ...

Influence: Good, Bad, And Ugly

(01/26/2015 7:00 AM)

There should be no shying away from how the influences left by our favorite works are not always good ones

Infographic: Judge Dredd's Gear

(01/26/2015 6:27 AM)

The post

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Blu-ray Review

(01/25/2015 10:00 AM)

Throne of Atlantis isn't a must-own, but it is very enjoyable.

Civic Geek Update 1/25/2015

(01/25/2015 9:50 AM)

Sorry for the delays, but I've been busy. But here's a new Civic Geek Catalog Update! Don't forget I've got this sorted by Geekery and Category. 210 entries and counting (and yes, I have to make subcategory pages). Cosplay Charitable Work Cosplay For Charity - A belgian cosplay group that ...

Revenge 4.13 "Abduction"

(01/24/2015 2:00 PM)

And when we see Victoria in her rare moment of clarity, realizing revenge isn't the way to go, it's a beautiful thing.

Review: Sneaky, Sneaky

(01/24/2015 12:01 PM)

Sneaky Sneaky is a game built for mobile in both sensibility and design. Unfortunately I played on Steam, which I couldn't help but feel was the wrong platform to experience this game. Now it should be noted that the developer Naiad Entertainment did release this game on iOS store. I haven't played the mobile version [...]

The Musketeers 2.01 "Keep Your Friends Close"

(01/24/2015 10:00 AM)

Fortunately, the BBC has continued The Musketeers into a second season.

Lost in Translation - January News Roundup

(01/24/2015 5:30 AM)

A slow round up this time around, but it covers two major reboots/continuations. More on the Twin Peaks revival. The return of David Lynch's Twin Peaks on Showcase is looking more and more like a continuation of the original series. Kyle MacLachlan is returning as Agent Dale Cooper. Sheryl Lee ...

[Jan. 23, 1960] Of Missiles and Monkeys (Little Joe 1-B and a Soviet ICBM)

(01/23/2015 2:21 PM)

It has been several weeks since either superpower has announced an orbital launch, but space news still manages to fill the front pages of my local newspaper:

Review: The Legend of Korra

(01/23/2015 10:25 AM)

The Legend of Korra is an interesting title with an interesting history. While the publisher, Activision, is a AAA studio, the developer is a small, creative studio by the name of Platinum Games. Due to launch between Seasons 2 and 3, Platinum was in charge of making a game that would tie-in with the television [...]

Way With Worlds: Society And Disaster Moving Faster

(01/23/2015 8:30 AM)

Sometimes, conflicts and social breakdowns are all about speed. In fact I'd argue they're all too often about speed - fast or slow. That sudden change can be too sudden, and society falls apart. An invasion, a plague, a social breakdown can be damaging because they're so damn fast. Or you have a slow change is so slow [...]

Meet Zach Wigal of Gamers Outreach

(01/23/2015 7:30 AM)

If you've ever been in a hospital, you know what a drag it is. When you're a kid, it's even worse. However as most of us know a good video game is a real boost - and Gamers Outreach makes accessing good games easier for kids in the hospital. However ...

Minecraft, Microsoft News, Saints Row IV, and Hunie Pop - Episode 42

(01/22/2015 10:43 PM)

Kinsey Burke and Evie Powell join me to discuss Minecraft, Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Gat Out of Hell, Microsoft news, The Walking Dead, and Hunie Pop. DOWNLOAD MP3

Everyone can publish posts!

(01/22/2015 5:19 PM)

Added the ability for all our users to self publish posts. I'll still be editing (at times retroactively) some posts that I think need a bit of love, but for the most part I want...

Things That I Like: 5 More Thoughts on Designing a Wizardly Masquerade

(01/22/2015 12:00 PM)

Magic means that everyone is armed You may recall that there is something of a debate going on in America about gun control. Imagine that this couldn't even be a debate. Everybody had laser eyes and a third arm with rocket-propelled knife fingers. You could, conceivably, rip those eyes out and amputate that arm, but [...]

Preview: Vidar

(01/22/2015 11:03 AM)

One of the most intriguing elements of the SNES classic Chrono Trigger was how the character's good intentions led to dire ramifications and more perilous adventures. With a similar aesthetic and theme, Vidar, from developer Dean Razavi, hopes to bring a branching, consequential plot to the forefront through rogue-like elements. Players enter the snowy village [...]

Geek Bar Chicago - David Zoltan Talks The Dream

(01/22/2015 7:30 AM)

Imagine a bar for geeks. Food and drink, events, a library, games, and more. Sound like a great idea? Well David Zoltan and his group made it a reality with Geek Bar Chicago, which has exactly that. So of course I'm going to ask him how they do it. 1) ...

'Utsubora': The Book Thief

(01/22/2015 7:00 AM)

Somewhere between thriller, noir, mystery, erotica, and tragedy lies this absorbing, if convoluted, story of the thefts of both ideas and lives

Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert & Fred

(01/21/2015 5:02 PM)

Every beginning has an end. Dawn Griffin is one of those people who has passion for whatever she does and that's Illustration. From Children's Books, to her obsession I mean passion for Cleveland and Philly sports teams, to finally her comic about two aliens who are monitoring earthlings dressed as pets. Everything in life has [...]

Munin: Review

(01/21/2015 10:39 AM)

The ravens on mighty Odinn's shoulders sit, At daybreak to Midgardr they depart, To eye all tidings of men they'll there see, Hugin and Munin, night after night Now morphed to mortal form by Loki, Aground is Odinn's crow, His memory thread, Midgardr to Asgardr, Nine in the Tree, Nine worlds must Munin tread for [...]

Need To Read 1/21/2015

(01/21/2015 7:30 AM)

Cosplay Cosplay saves your life - Man saved from snakebite by Stormtrooper armor. Here's a story that has layers, from the work of the 401st to those amazing little things that save your armored butt. Thought - how many cosplayers should get involved in designing protective gear professionally . . ...

Anime Roundup: January 21, 2014

(01/21/2015 7:00 AM)

Origa, lost to us too soon; GTO, returning to us thanks to Hulu; GKIDS, giving us Ghibli's "Marnie"; and more.

[Jan. 21, 1960] Siamese, if you please (February 1960 Galaxy)

(01/21/2015 6:42 AM)

I made fun of

I broke Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

(01/20/2015 5:40 PM)

I break games. This hard crashed my PS4. To the point I had to unplug it. Notice my head is off .. and also looks like a portrait version of it. #weird

Preview - theHunter: Primal

(01/20/2015 10:46 AM)

I've never seen any of the Jurassic Park movies, so this preview will be 100% free of references, I promise. Despite that, I really do like the idea of exploring a world dominated by dinosaurs but most of the dinosaur games that have come out up until now haven't been able to give me that [...]

Julie Tyios Tells Us About Tech Girls Canada!

(01/20/2015 7:30 AM)

Tech Girls Canada is an organization that advocates for women in STEM in Canada through various programs, advocacy, and events. I stumbled across it by accident in my CivicGeek work, and promptly discovered an amazing organization with fascinating people. Since we know there's problems with female representation in STEM and ...

Episode 79 - Christos Reid (Touch The Cake) - The Indie Haven Podcast

(01/20/2015 2:14 AM)

Download this episode (right click and save) Hello and welcome to Episode 79 of The Indie Haven Podcast, that weekly internet show where we get Indie developers on to talk about silly games made in the dead of night. This week the regular gang have the pleasure of being joined by Christos Reid, most recently [...]

Indie Haven Seeking Writers (Not Just Straight White Guys)

(01/19/2015 11:03 AM)

EDIT: We have changed the title from "Other Than" to "Not Just" to better reflect our intentions. Indie Haven is looking for talented writers to join our team as contributors. So, let's get this out the way. We here at Indie Haven are pretty proud of our site staff's history of diversity. At one point, [...]

Talking Cell Phones For Soldiers With Robbie Bergquist

(01/19/2015 7:30 AM)

Back when I researched disposing of e-waste, I was fortunate enough to find out about Cell Phones For Soldiers, which of course went right into CivicGeek.com. Erin McCloskey, who handles communication, introduced me to one of the founders, Robbie Bergquist. Robbie was kind enough to answer some questions so we ...

A Critical Path To Japan

(01/19/2015 7:00 AM)

Is our enjoyment of anime enhanced by having an intimate knowledge of Japan, or is that something only those who call themselves critics should worry about?

Interview Week

(01/19/2015 7:00 AM)

This week is going to be interview week! I had enormous response to my latest calls for interviews (and more are out there), so this week we'll meet four new people to learn from, follow, and geek out with! Additional note, I took a one-week break from Way With Worlds. ...

Not much of a difference between the Xbox One and PS4

(01/18/2015 7:32 PM)

I realized the other day, while contemplating picking up an Xbox One at the reduced price of 349, that I didn't NEED one. Besides Halo and Project Spark (which I REALLY want) there wasn't any...

[Jan. 18, 1960] The Winds of Change (Predictions for the 1960s)

(01/18/2015 8:15 AM)

There should be nothing significant about the turn of a decade. After all, years that end in zero are a completely artificial construction. Yet, there is a powerful reductive element to the human psyche that demands that decades be put into descriptive boxes. Perhaps we even shape events to create self-fulfilling prophecies.

Review: Earthtongue

(01/17/2015 10:58 AM)

Earthtongue is one of the few games I can keep running in the background while writing a review on it. Every now and then I can alt-tab to check on my planet of mushrooms and bugs and, inevitably, watch something go extinct. The game, out now on itch.io, is pretty much a sci-fi gardening sim. [...]

We Are The Compulsion Loop! VGB Episode 41

(01/15/2015 9:43 PM)

Sean Richer (Big Fish) and Atticus Wiman join me to talk Nintendo Direct, mobile games, Wasteland 2, Skylanders, Steam machines, Fallout, and also eat pizza. On the mic. Sorrry. And we create a band during...

Way With Worlds: Taking a Week Break!

(01/15/2015 7:03 PM)

Hey gang, taking a break for a week on Way With Worlds. Work's hammered me (work does pile up over the holidays), other things piled up, and I'm taking a bit of time to tweak the speed on the Sanctum. NaNo and the holidays brought in a lot of new users (like, 15% to 33% [...]

Short Takes: 'Witchcraft Works Vol. 2'

(01/15/2015 7:00 AM)

Second verse of this fantasy-comedy, a bit less interesting than the first, as coincidence and contrivance take precedence over invention and storytelling

Moffat Mobility: From Crawling to Walking with a Crutch

(01/14/2015 10:00 PM)

The Mutual Exclusivity of Strong Female Writers and Strong Female Characters Aboard a Spaceship Steered by Men "Catherine Tregenna Hired to Pen Doctor Who Tale! Women Rejoice!" our exuberant digital newsies cried in an elegant, bold Suffrage font. Score one for workplace equality! By which they meant, score one single point, for one single woman, [...]

[Jan. 14, 1960] Twin Stars (February 1960 Galaxy)

(01/14/2015 5:28 PM)

The Rise of Zero-Player RPG's. Are we done playing around?

(01/14/2015 2:21 PM)

There's a time when a man (or woman) has to consider his actions to be too much, where a player has to rely on luck and a few fingers crossed to determine the outcome of...

Anime Roundup: January 14, 2014

(01/14/2015 7:00 AM)

ScarJoShell has a release date, a cancelled Yoshitoshi ABe project is in motion again, and Tokyo ESP is headed for English-language shelves.

[Jan. 12, 1960] Twilight of the 60's (Twilight Zone monthly wrap-up

(01/12/2015 5:36 PM)

I was asked by a dear reader if I had stopped watching

'Bubblegum Crisis': Yesterday's Tomorrow, Today

(01/12/2015 7:00 AM)

How well has this vintage 1980s homage to action-oriented SF held up? Better, perhaps, for its use of female main characters than for its technology or plotting

Illustrator Jules Rivera

(01/11/2015 7:47 PM)

This year would not be complete without talking with a talented comic creator and long-time friend Jules Rivera who's created some of the most memorable comics like Misfortune High, Valkyrie Squadron and Marsh Rocket. We'll talk about her upcoming year, new comic projects and of course the thought provoking questions that Two Geeks Talking is [...]

Life is Strange - Developer Diary

(01/9/2015 7:05 PM)

This look at the game we mentioned awhile back makes me only want it more.

Way With Worlds: It Comes Apart - The Persecution Rests

(01/9/2015 8:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) Last column I covered bias and bigotry in the settings you're developing. Not a pleasant subject, but one that's important because believable characters have their biases and often their bigotries - just as we [...]

In Print Or Out Of Reach?

(01/9/2015 7:00 AM)

Centering criticism of media around available, in-print titles is useful in the short run, but deprives both audiences and critics of real food for thought in the long run

This Universim Video is pretty awesome!

(01/9/2015 6:20 AM)

Did not know what to expect when I found this over on TIGSource, but whoa...i'm sold. If they can deliver this it's something i'll be picking up day 1. Erm pre-alpha. Erm, whatever you kids...

New Baldur's Gate?

(01/9/2015 6:11 AM)

According to this article there's a new Baldur's Gate on the way?! Check it out. I am ALL about this. Bring it on.

Kinsey and Carlos talk about all the things - Episode 40

(01/8/2015 9:07 PM)

Kinsey and Carlos talk about what they're playing (Game of Thrones, Peggle 2, DuckTales, Fantasy Life, Rollers of the Realm) talk some news, and discuss carlos's love for his new emulator device. DOWNLOAD MP3

[Jan. 08, 1960] Between Peaks (January 1960 If)

(01/8/2015 4:32 PM)

I've finally finished the January 1960

Things That I Like: 4 Thoughts on Designing a Wizardly Masquerade

(01/8/2015 12:48 PM)

Harry Potter, Night Watch, The Dresden Files... There are more than a few worlds with a society of wizards hiding in the shadows. Throw in masquerades of any supernatural sort, not just wizards, and you have most of the urban fantasy genre. And a lot of these, maybe even most, do a fairly good job. [...]

Anime Roundup: January 6, 2015

(01/7/2015 7:00 AM)

Welcome to the first year of the rest of your lives! Scarlett's our Motoko: Prospective Motoko Kusanagi Scarlett Johannson has formally signed on according to Variety. Our analysis is here, in case you missed it. Also, go back and check...

Director James Cooper

(01/7/2015 6:47 AM)

We're Back! Two Geeks Talking is back from it's hiatus to start off 2015 with a talented Director James Cooper from such short films as "Elijah the Prophet" and his most recent success with "Interview with a Time Traveler". He's been featured on CBC and other shows like Two Geeks Talking as well. You can [...]

Scarlett Johannson And The Half-Shelled 'Ghost'

(01/6/2015 7:00 AM)

Casting Scarlet Johannson as Motoko Kusanagi is proof the live-action 'Ghost in the Shell' is as misguided a production as any previous Western attempt to adapt anime

[Jan. 5, 1960] Perpendicular to Up (4D Man)

(01/5/2015 4:51 PM)

What is it that separates schlock from the sublime in a science fiction movie? To the nondiscriminating, I suppose they all look the same. The same may go for the discriminating, but for opposite reasons. I know I have very high standards when it comes to my science fiction. This is the price I pay for having read so many excellent stories. Thus, for me the visual medium generally lacks, though there are exceptions.

'Ghost In The Shell: ARISE: Border 4: ghost stands alone'

(01/5/2015 7:00 AM)

With all four installments of 'ARISE' in place, the whole of it adds up to a breathless but superficial ride, lacking the soul and personality that dignified its predecessors

Steve's Update 1/3/2015

(01/3/2015 7:10 PM)

And the new year is here! I hope everyone is doing well. Busy as always and back to work on Monday. So beyond the Magic Power Generator which got delayed because of sudden inspiration (hey, I get some good stuff that way), I'm considering one or two more "minor" generators but want to get back to [...]

Way With Worlds: It Comes Apart - Biases And Bigotry

(01/2/2015 8:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) Having explored the psychology of conflict and the way that conflicts can go from simple disagreements to smashing galaxies with a Dimension Cannon, let's take a look at some of the more personal elements [...]

[Jan. 2, 1960] Happy New Year! (January 1960 F&SF)

(01/2/2015 6:37 AM)

Good Lord, is it already 1960?

'Opus': Satoshi Kon's Unfinished Symphony

(01/1/2015 12:00 PM)

Never finished and lost to time, Satoshi Kon's mini-epic about a manga artist caught in the interpenetration of reality and his imagination works both on its own terms as an adventure -- and as an unintentional metaphor for its creator's own career

'Helter-Skelter: Fashion Unfriendly': I've Got You Under My Skin

(12/29/2014 7:00 AM)

This caustic satire of the meat-market beauty industry works as both a manga and a live-action production, although it is more concise and less distractingly glamorous on paper than it is on a screen

5 Indie Games for 2015

(12/28/2014 10:15 PM)

Check out this rad list of 5 games I sure as heck want to play coming in 2015! HERE'S THE LIST

Way With Worlds: It Comes Apart - Conflicts And The World

(12/26/2014 8:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) So there's a reason I covered humans (and human-alikes) and the psychology of conflict first. Characters and their institutions are often the causes of conflicts - and characters are the lenses through which players/readers [...]

Anime Roundup: December 26, 2014

(12/26/2014 7:00 AM)

Hope Santa left you with plenty to unwrap! You will (not) get a subtitle track: Word has finally emerged about the long, long, long-awaited Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33 project, although there's still no release date in the offing. What has...

Update 12/25/2014 - Fantasy Metal Generator

(12/25/2014 6:55 PM)

Merry Christmas Everyone! And for Christmas let me give everyone the Fantasy Metal Generator! This interrupted the Magical Power Generator and was inspired by the Rougelike game Dungeonmans, which beyond being a fantastic comedy/adventure/roguelike/persistent world game, also has some dynamite (and funny) sounding items and components that made me think "hey, fantasy often has strange [...]

[Dec. 25, 1959] Merry Christmas!

(12/24/2014 7:56 PM)

I'll be taking a week-long break for the holidays, but I will return on January 2nd. Thank you all for reading, and during my hiatus, please feel free to catch up on any older articles you might have missed.

An Interview With Author Edward Morris

(12/24/2014 8:30 AM)

Edward Morris is a man seeped in literature from a young age, who's also lived quite a life. He's been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011, the Rhysling Award in 2009, and the BSFA in 2005. From short stories to full novels, he's done it all - and pretty much lived it all as [...]

'REDLINE': Faster Than The Speed Of Love

(12/24/2014 7:00 AM)

Even if the story's little more than a placeholder, 'REDLINE' seethes with visuals so propulsive and uninhibited, they alone guarantee it a place in anime history

[Dec. 22. 1959] Put a finer point on it (Starship Troopers)

(12/22/2014 6:54 AM)

It is common practice for serials published in science fiction digests to get turned into stand-alone novels. Not only does this constitute a nice double-dip for publishers and authors, but it offers the writer a chance to polish her/his work further. Sometimes, the resulting product ends up something of a bloated mess. In the case of Heinlein's

[Dec. 19, 1959] Like Water for Rockets (The testing of the XLR115)

(12/19/2014 5:05 PM)

In other news, the XLR-115 rocket was successfully tested on December 7, 1959.

[Dec. 17, 1959] Same ol' Same ol'? (January 1960 Astounding)

(12/17/2014 6:15 PM)

There are times that I feel I could trot out the same

[Dec. 15, 1959] Between Superstition and Knowledge (Twilight Zone 4-week wrap-up)

(12/15/2014 6:27 AM)

This Friday night was a bit of a repeat performance of last week's: another trip to the German delicatessen in Escondido, another beer, another coffee and dessert. This time, I was in the most enjoyable company of my wife, and we had an avid discussion of what it is to be a "fan."

[Dec. 12, 1959] Beeping its last (The end of Vanguard 3)

(12/12/2014 5:59 AM)

Two days ago, there were three active satellites-two Vanguards and one Explorer.

Pro Gaming Expanding Reach

(12/10/2014 10:49 PM)

By David Harris The "moment" that professional gaming (aka eSports) is having right now is about to get even more substantial, especially overseas. While the other big markets for eSports, namely the U.S. and Korea, have been consistently growing these past few years, it's the U.K. that's primed to have its own explosion. According to [...]

[Dec. 8, 1959] Best of the Best! (The Galactic Stars Awards, 1959)

(12/8/2014 4:46 PM)

Science fiction is dead. Long live science fiction.

[Dec. 5, 1959] Sam and Joe (The successful launch of Little Joe 2-A)

(12/5/2014 6:47 PM)

I admit it. I splurged last night.

[Dec. 02, 1959] The Menace from Earth!

(12/2/2014 5:57 PM)

With only four science fiction digests coming out per month (really three if you count

[Nov. 28, 1959] Broken nose (Atlas Able and Discoverer 8)

(11/28/2014 10:26 AM)

It's enough to make a fellow cry.

[Nov. 26, 1959] Happy Thanksgiving! (December 1959 Fantasy and Science Fiction)

(11/26/2014 3:50 PM)

Happy Thanksgiving!

[Nov. 22, 1959] ...with a whimper (December 1959 Astounding wrap-up)

(11/22/2014 9:00 AM)

Good morning, dear readers. Based on the incidence of fan mail, it appears you now number nearly half a dozen (unless, of course, it's just you, Laurose, writing in under a number of pseudonyms; if that be the case, I'm still grateful).

[Nov. 20, 1959] Despoiler of Astounding Magazine (The Destroyers, by Randall Garrett)

(11/20/2014 5:41 PM)

Here's a short update before I fully review this month's

[Nov. 17, 1959] Dead Center (December 1959 Galaxy and wargames)

(11/17/2014 4:46 PM)

Hello, fellow travelers! As promised, here's a round-up of

[Nov. 14, 1959] Disappointments and Weirdness (Martin Marietta and The Twilight Zone)

(11/14/2014 5:23 PM)

Have no fear, for The Traveler has returned from Orlando safe and sound. My apologies for not submitting this article earlier, but I did not have easy access to a typewriter or my editor while on my vacation.

[Nov. 10, 1959] Orlando Oranges and Space Slips

(11/10/2014 5:02 AM)

Greetings from sunny Orlando, Florida!

E-disHarmony: The Shortage of Blue Ribbon Villains

(10/21/2014 8:20 AM)

30-something female seeking: a villain who enjoys long walks in apocalyptic cityscapes and philosophizing about revenge for his often misunderstood, now extinct home world. Preferably equipped with a fully developed sense of injustice, a distrust for the establishment, and a flair for prose about morality. Must have own lair, have an eye for detailed planning [...]

Vanessa Shields Canadian Poet

(10/17/2014 7:53 AM)

Canadian Poet, Writer and all around inspirational person, Vanessa Shields has been writing about her life since she could hold a pencil.Now, with over six books under her name and interviews galore, we talk about her career, love of writing, creative process and a tiny bit about Cmdr. Hatfield

Ryō Horikawa Voice Actor

(10/4/2014 9:01 AM)

Ryō Horikawa is an Actor/Musician known for his work on Dragonball Z and beyond, Horikawa Ryo-sempai has done many things in his lifetime and while I wasn't able to see the Super Panel Dragonball Z with both Vegeta's I really did enjoy this Panel. Here it is in all it's glory... pardon the shakiness.

Thomas Anderson from Schlock Value

(09/29/2014 9:03 AM)

Thomas Anderson is an avid reader. He reads literature without pictures and for every book that he reads are under a dollar. His site tagline is "Reading cheap literature so you don't have to" We talk about great cheap books, and those that are brutally horrible as well.

Sire James from The Tim and Eric Show

(09/26/2014 7:00 AM)

Sire James is a musician, comedian and known for The Tim and Eric Show. Now he is starting his own variety show titled, The Sire James Show. We sat down with him and Social Media / Indiegogo Campaign Manager Zon Petilla to talk about his career, love of music and how he handles success and [...]

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