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Review: Oknytt

(04/19/2014 3:14 PM)

Nemoria Entertainment's Oknytt is a point and click adventure game, presented as an interactive tale told by a campfire on a cold, dark night. You control a tiny, insignificant creature and have to find your purpose by exploring a bleak and foreboding world which draws heavily from Swedish folklore. It's an incredibly effective way to [...]

EZMM Day 6: Return of the Living Dead (1985)

(04/19/2014 1:21 PM)

While Romero's work focuses on the human survivors and how existing in this new world changes them, Return is all about the thrill and the gore.

50 Shades Of Resume #13: The Simple And Classy

(04/19/2014 8:30 AM)

Krissy Marheine's resume is almost surprisingly simple for a graphic designer - it looks more like a minimalist piece of modern art than a resume. It's simple, almost soothingly so - almost a contrast to busier and denser resumes. It's ...

Lost in Translation - News Round Up

(04/19/2014 6:30 AM)

A change of plans this week. I've been holding on to some items too long and I realized that I hadn't had a round up last month. On with the show! A Game of Thrones, the Movie With the TV ...

Way With Worlds: Worldbuilding With Real Religions

(04/18/2014 8:44 PM)

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum, MuseHack, and Ongoing Worlds] So you're world building, but the world is basically like ours, or like a given historical place and time. You'd start building religions, but . . . you're dealing with real religions ...

EZMM Day 5: Dead & Buried (1981)

(04/18/2014 2:00 PM)

Instead, what we have is a fleeting glimpse of an original living dead idea, brought to life with talent and grace that still failed miserably in the marketplace.

I Love a Woman Who Can Kick My Ass: Storm: Follow the Leader

(04/18/2014 11:57 AM)

Riagain27 on Storm and the power of leadership

Lost in Translation 94 - Muppets Most Wanted

(04/18/2014 10:00 AM)

Thus, Muppets Most Wanted is not only a sequel of The Muppet Movie, but an adaptation of The Muppet Show, one that has raised the bar on expectations of Muppet films to come.

News Roundup 4/18/2014

(04/18/2014 8:43 AM)

Anime and Manga: Princess Jellyfish to get live adaption in Japan. Really unsurprisng, but I think that this could spawn interest in America on the property. Scott, you know what to do . . . Culture: Hatsune Miku to sing ...

50 Shades Of Resume #12: The Juice Box

(04/18/2014 8:20 AM)

Joshua Omondi doesn't think outside of the box - he thinks of how to make a better box. In this case, he made his resume into a juice box. Yes, a juice box, complete with labels, ingredients, contents, and so ...

Spider-Man: The Death of Captain Stacy

(04/18/2014 8:00 AM)

We all know all about the death of Gwen Stacy. But her father also met with a tragic end. Jason tells the story.

Hannibal 2.07 "Yakimono"

(04/17/2014 4:30 PM)

The result is a season that feels more cohesive and somehow even better than last year's run.

Game of Thrones 4.02 "The Lion and the Rose"

(04/17/2014 2:00 PM)

Spoiler Alert! Westeros has a dwarf theater troupe! And they do weddings!

A Spectacular Death is Not Enough: The Problem with Hannibal's Women

(04/17/2014 10:00 AM)

Because no matter how visually and narratively striking it has been and could be, it is not enough to give female characters like Beverly Katz and Alana Bloom spectacular deaths.

Dev Blog - Progression and Staying Positive

(04/17/2014 8:45 AM)

Jake Sparrow-Hunter is an Indie Developer currently working on his first game. He has a background in music composition and audio engineering and is particularly fond of chiptune and retro aesthetics. Spurred on by the desire to write music for a game and to make a childhood dream come true, he started his first project [...]

The Wrong Kind Of Faithful

(04/17/2014 8:35 AM)

[This column was originally published at Ganriki.org. Meet guest columnist Serdar Yegulalp.] Here is a conversation I find myself having way too often for my own good. A discussion of anime X comes up, which is itself an adaptation of source material X(1). I cite a number of things wrong with X, only to be told, [...]

50 Shades Of Resume #11: The Doodle

(04/17/2014 8:30 AM)

Liagi Ramilo takes an interesting approach with her resume - making it look like something doodled on a piece of notebook paper, with her picture attached. It's almost a reverse of the usual resumes people design, with carefully beveled lines ...

140 Character Reviews 4/16/2014 Double the Pleasure Double the Batman!

(04/17/2014 7:36 AM)

What won the week? The twitterati tell you.

Review: 'The Minimum Security Chronicles: Resistance To Ecocide': Don’t let the cute bunny fool you

(04/17/2014 7:33 AM)

McMillan forces us to evaluate, and reevaluate, both the ways we are all complicit and complacent, and what we could be doing better

EZMM Day 3: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

(04/16/2014 2:00 PM)

By emphasizing the comedy here, he manages to make palatable the idea that humanity is doomed, our institutions are hollow, and our social structures are meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Trailer: Jim Mickle adapts Joe Lansdale's COLD IN JULY

(04/16/2014 12:45 PM)

We here at the Drive-In are huge fans of American Icon Joe Lansdale and will read anything he writes and see anything adapted from his work.

Dev Blog - (Early) Access and Project Management

(04/16/2014 10:23 AM)

Barry Hemans is a part time indie developer currently working on the game Access. He's been programming things as long as he can remember and has worked at companies such as Mind Candy and Supermassive games. Currently working at Neonplay in Cirencester his spare time is spent playing games, firespinning and working on Access. Have [...]

Kickstarter Weekly vol. 23

(04/16/2014 10:13 AM)

Echoes of Eridu - Funding Goal: $20,000 Batterystaple Games Think Spelunky mixed with Mega Man X and you'll have something pretty close to Echoes of Eridu. It's an action platformer which apparently plays similar to the Mega Man X games, but comes with a lot of roguelike inspired features, including permadeath and procedurally generated levels. [...]

The Raid 2: Berandal

(04/16/2014 10:00 AM)

Yes, I am saying right now that I do not believe any movie coming out this year will top the fight scenes from this film.

Geek As Citizen: Hashtag, Crashtag

(04/16/2014 8:33 AM)

I assume that you heard about the #CancelColbert hashtag on Twitter. I'm going to assume you did but the rough summary is: Colbert did a skit mocking racism in the name of the Washington Redskins. Part of the joke was ...

50 Shades Of Resume #10: The Iconic

(04/16/2014 8:22 AM)

Robert Blankenship's resume is a colorful affair, yet is also a standard resume. In fact, the more you examine it you realize that he's actually got a literally iconic resume - it makes strong uses of icons, from the ...

Review: 'Deadpool #27' Is it parody or event-style comics at it worst?

(04/16/2014 5:27 AM)

He's a character that's two to three decades behind his contemporaries, so something like matrimony seem novel and edgy, I guess.

EZMM Day 2: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)

(04/15/2014 2:00 PM)

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie suggests that perhaps a cleansing is needed.

Review: Major Mayhem

(04/15/2014 8:20 AM)

Major Mayhem is an arcade shooter game, filled to the brim with action. The whole game works around the concept of shooting enemies from behind various types of cover occasionally connected by small sections of "run and gun" combat. Both the menus and the buttons of the game make it very obvious that Major Mayhem [...]

50 Shades Of Resume #9: The Amazon-Alike

(04/15/2014 8:13 AM)

So Phil Dubost created an online resume. But he decided to make sure his resume online didn't look like a resume. Since people shop around for employes . . . he made it look like Amazon. Yes, this is basically ...

Way With Worlds: Panderdammerung #1: Pandering To Your Audience

(04/15/2014 8:02 AM)

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum, MuseHack, and Ongoing Worlds] Let's talk pandering and worldbuilding. You want the game to sell, you want the book to be read, you want the game to be exciting. But you also want to build an interesting world and a consistent setting. However, if you did just a few things you [...]

Review: 'Eel Mansions' #4 is a delightfully knowing respite from the continuity of adulthood

(04/15/2014 7:58 AM)

I'm here because Eel Mansions is the closest thing to being inside another person's head I can get, and I love it.

Advance Review: 'Solar: Man of the Atom #1' A ultra powerful myth

(04/14/2014 10:13 PM)

I wouldn't say this book let me down'it didn't. I liked it. I just wanted to love it. ~ Wunderlich

Singles Going Steady 4/15/2014: The Weapon Comes Alive

(04/14/2014 9:57 PM)

Lots of four star comics this week - but which comic gets one star?

Advance Review: 'X-O Manowar #24' Valiant's going event

(04/14/2014 3:40 PM)

Robert Venditti has made Aric of Dacia ' our X-O Manowar, the 'fifth-century warrior bonded to alien armor and transplanted to the modern day', a character I actually care about. ~ Elkin

Lucas Pope (Papers, Please) Confirms New Game is 3D, Free and Short.

(04/14/2014 10:52 AM)

On Sunday April 13th Lucas Pope, Developer of the critically acclaimed Papers, Please came onto The Indie Haven Podcast Episode 42 as our weekly special guest. Along with the huge list of other topics we discussed, we asked Lucas what he was working on next now that Papers, Please it out there in the world. [...]

Episode 42 - Lucas Pope (Papers, Please) - The Indie Haven Podcast

(04/14/2014 10:33 AM)

Download this episode (right click and save) Welcome to Episode 42 of The Indie Haven Podcast. This week we've got Jose and Andre back with us, as well as Laura and our guest for the week Lucas Pope who created the critically acclaimed Papers, Please. We talk about everything from Lucas and his start modding [...]

50 Shades Of Resume #8: The Random

(04/14/2014 8:30 AM)

Many resumes are piles of stuff, especially if they're not organized right. Sid Santos (who is in the Cool Name club with me apparently), desired to do this deliberately by making his resume look like . . . a pile ...

Bin There, Found That: Week 4

(04/14/2014 7:31 AM)

Chris Wunderlich brings in a massive haul from the bargain bin.

Review: 'Backyard' What If?

(04/13/2014 7:12 PM)

Sam Alden's Backyard has become the next step in my evolution as a reader of comics and small-press promulgator, washed clean in rain and chicken blood.

Review: 'What If? Age of Ultron' #2 is a funky ride that recalls Morrison's New X-men!

(04/12/2014 9:22 PM)

For the second of five issues, this time Keatinge wonders what a world without Iron Man would devolve into.

Indienalysis® Mobile™ - Having your cake and vomiting all over it™

(04/12/2014 9:57 AM)

First things first, I know this isn't strictly about indie gaming. Sod it though. I want to bring this up for two reasons: first, the term indie has become largely meaningless; second, this is the kind of crap I really don't want to see happening in smaller-scale games, the kind that you might broadly classify [...]

Ennead Games Need People!

(04/12/2014 8:09 AM)

Hey gang, I'm always ready to help out fellow writers, and Chris over at Ennead Games is looking for people for his site! Let's see what he has to say! -- The blog/site has been going along a while now, but it's time to take things up a notch or two. But we need your [...]

"Last Hand: Daredevil #181"

(04/11/2014 9:32 AM)

By now you've heard the story a million times: how an obscure creator from Vermont named Frank Miller took the helms of a dying series called Daredevil and rescued both the series and the comics medium itself from its death throes by introducing a mysterious Greek ninja named Elektra to the series.

I Coulda Had Dinner with the Shadow

(04/10/2014 2:52 PM)

Sometimes, no matter what choice you make, you just can’t win.

Dev Blog - A Pitfall of Focus

(04/10/2014 11:37 AM)

Jake Sparrow-Hunter is an Indie Developer currently working on his first game. He has a background in music composition and audio engineering and is particularly fond of chiptune and retro aesthetics. Spurred on by the desire to write music for a game and to make a childhood dream come true, he started his first project [...]

Top 10 Most Sympathetic Comics Characters

(04/10/2014 11:14 AM)

These are the Top 10 characters I consider the most sympathetic; characters most likely to make me go 'Aww....'

140 Character Reviews 4/9/2014: A new Batman book this week? Who cares?!? DOOP!!

(04/10/2014 9:56 AM)

Join us as we all take a splendid journey with Aaron to the world of all the comics!

The Nain Rouge Graphic Novel

(04/10/2014 5:50 AM)

Based on the first book in the Nain Rouge trilogy, this graphic novel brings the evil, 300 year-old harbinger of doom to life.

Preview: Nuclear Throne

(04/10/2014 5:37 AM)

I'm a big fan of roguelikes (and all derivative genres, roguelites included, to briefly address that elephant in the room), and have been greatly enjoying this roguelike renaissance that the indie scene seems to be going through at the moment. From the more traditional fare of Dungeons of Dredmor to more action oriented stuff like [...]

The Banshees are coming back!

(04/8/2014 5:33 PM)

The Banshees, were a Rock ’n’ Roll band who were notorious for their satanic lyrics, drunken excess and rumors of blood sacrifice, the Banshees shocked the world with their only album Beat the Manshees .

Advance Review: 'Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps' #21 and 'Unity' #6

(04/8/2014 4:00 PM)

Being the final issue of 'Mission: Improbable', we might expect a great climax'a culmination of the excitement we're treated to over these four issues of cross-over. What was stopping me from taking the plunge and finally diving into what should be Valiant's dominating team book?

Way With Worlds: Worldbuilding With Real Religions

(04/8/2014 8:33 AM)

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum, MuseHack, and Ongoing Worlds] So you're world building, but the world is basically like ours, or like a given historical place and time. You'd start building religions, but . . . you're dealing with real religions that people practice and live right now (or the ancestors or descendants of those religions). [...]

Singles Going Steady 4/8/2014: Flashy Flash and a Robot Biter

(04/7/2014 10:55 PM)

What comic gets the dreaded one star rating this week?

Crossroads Alpha Is Recruiting!

(04/7/2014 6:58 PM)

Hey gang, if you want to join up with the sites at Crossroads Alpha, here's what we're looking for! Muse Hack Muse Hack is the blog of Geek Applied - career-building, skill-learning, and community-creation. We're looking for motivated, engaged authors that want to write on people putting their passions to use; career, education, conventions, fan charities, [...]

Bag of Tricks: Travelling by Train

(04/3/2014 8:03 AM)

It often happens that the most interesting RPG locations are in fact quite ordinary and well-known, even if not commonly used in official adventures for various systems. Because of their absence in such sources, and therefore no imprint on the medium, we game masters tend to overlook them as well. And this is not good, [...]

Updates 4/2/2014

(04/2/2014 8:51 PM)

Well, what's up? First you probably saw the Action Animal Generator. That's a way to keep my mojo going as I cope with rounds of business, illness, work, etc. Q1 was not the calmest quarter. Also this was fun -and there's a kinda-related-inspired generator I want to do that is more useful. I think I [...]

Way With Worlds: Worldbuilding Religion, General Advice

(04/1/2014 8:46 AM)

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum, MuseHack, and Ongoing Worlds] (As noted in my past columns, this discussion of religion is focusing on the with some metaphysical or theological elements). When I worldbuild, I confess building religions and so on are some of my favorite things to do. This of course is part of my own inclinations [...]

Latest Generator: Action Animal Generator!

(03/28/2014 7:46 PM)

Well as mentioned I'd gotten behind on my plans for generators when I got sick and busy. However, I'd had a chance to take some notes for more silly generators, and here's one for you! After seeing the premiere of "Guardians of the Galaxy" I admit I got enthused for Rocket Raccoon. However why should [...]

Way With Worlds: Creating Religion Is Hard

(03/25/2014 8:11 AM)

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum, MuseHack, and Ongoing Worlds] So let's talk about creating and writing religions in your world. You may now start panicking. Creating religions is challenging,as we all know. That sense of challenge, the burden, the awareness of all the effort it takes can bring us down in our world building efforts. Chances [...]

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