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Interview with Tim Seeley: "There's Not A Genre I Don't Like"

(07/31/2014 7:26 AM)

Writer Tim Seeley is best known for his horror titles like Hack/Slash and Revival, but the man himself is very personable and enthusiastic about what he does.

140 Character Reviews 7/30/2014 Comics, comics. Who's got the comics?!

(07/31/2014 7:23 AM)

Check out another great week of comics with Aaron and the Bulletin Boys!

TANDQ: The Education Game

(07/31/2014 7:00 AM)

How is teaching like a role-play game? The students are the characters, the teacher is the GM (game master)... and everyone who's ever participated in a session thinks they're justified in telling a GM how to do their job. Whether ...

Life Lessons: Dominion - Playing Your Cards Right

(07/31/2014 7:00 AM)

Life Lessons: Dominion- Playing Your Cards Right. Posted on July 13, 2014 by Stephen Ruduski Hey Everyone! My name is Stephen Ruduski and I'm really excited to share with y'all today (I live in Texas currently, and Y'all is a required word :). Many thanks to Steve Savage for his contribution to this series and [...]

Team Indie preview

(07/30/2014 11:28 PM)

I received an email about this game called Team Indie, and thought i'd share it with yall. It's a rad mashup of different indie game characters that uses each of their abilities to help complete a side scrolling level. You can sign up for Team Indie news here, and possibly win the game when it

Free Playstation Plus games for August

(07/30/2014 10:29 PM)

The lineup for next month's free games is out, and I gotsta say .. some darn good stuff. I'm soooo all over that procedurally generated game 'Road Not Taken'.

Devo Spice

(07/30/2014 9:03 PM)

A multiple number one single Rapper on the Dr. Demento Show, Devo Spice is known throughout the comedy circles as the "Red headed step-child of Weird Al Yankovich and Eminem". We sit down and talk with Tom about Celebrity run-ins, newest #1 singles, a brand new Album about Doctor Who with actual actors from the [...]

Link Roundup

(07/30/2014 7:19 PM)

Got quite a few links here. MUST READ: Weird Al's lessons for the Music industry. Actually this is good for most people - multiple exclusive partnerships, permission builds goodwill, vinyl still matters (as does any hard copy I'd say), everyone's ...

IndieGoGo Spotlight: Leveling up Pronto Comics

(07/30/2014 6:40 PM)

Pronto Comics , the little comic book company that publishes, is taking itself to the next level.

Marvel Phase Two: Iron Man 3 (2013)

(07/30/2014 2:00 PM)

A large part of the popularity of the film was down to an almost perfect combination of Black and Pearce's script and Downy Jr.'s charisma.

Review: Cinders

(07/30/2014 1:10 PM)

Eagerly anticipating my first playthrough of Cinders, I was taken back to the good old days of the choose-your-own adventure novels I used to love as a child. Slightly different perhaps to my childhood troll-infested novels, Cinders is a beautiful and sophisticated visual novel. It focuses heavily on player choice and the ensuing consequences, but [...]

Extant 1.03 "Wish You Were Here"

(07/30/2014 10:00 AM)

I'm just looking forward to a more urgent pace.

Daytripper, A Life Examined: Postmortem

(07/30/2014 8:10 AM)

In the final part of our twelve-part series discussing the luminous 'Daytripper', Daniel brings it all home.

Geek As Citizen: Boost The Signal - The Basics

(07/30/2014 8:00 AM)

So as noted, if you want to Boost The Signal on good works (as opposed to complaining about the bad), you need to take an Ambassador mindset. You have to choose to represent good works or a good work in a ...

If These Be The Last Days Of Studio Ghibli ...

(07/30/2014 8:00 AM)

... then at least let the industry learn the right things from its passing

Cosmic Crush: Thor(s) and the Broken-Hearted

(07/30/2014 7:34 AM)

Amidst all the in depth think pieces by qualified comic critics regarding the upcoming female Thor, I would like to take a moment and some web space to digress. Fictiophilia: An attraction to fictional characters. I could digress all day long for a few more moments with Thor Odinson. Golden locks framing a chiseled visage [...]

Kickstarter Spotlight: Lark and Eagle #1 Relaunched

(07/30/2014 6:41 AM)

A pair of washed-up heroes are given another chance by a reality TV show, and now believe that they are ready to redeem themselves in prime time via a TV program that has made its mark by resuscitating heroes in need of an overhaul.

Innovative ClinicCraft initiative uses Minecraft to support Save the Children

(07/30/2014 4:52 AM)

It's always great when enterprising folk use games to do good and ClinicCraft, an intriguing endeavor that combines the creativity of Minecraft with a view to raise money for charity, looks to be a superb example of that. With birth clinics in the West African country of Liberia being few and far between and 1 [...]

Canon Fodder

(07/29/2014 10:39 PM)

Sean looks to the myth of King Arthur to find a reason who continuity shouldn't matter too much

Advance Review: "Low" is a Comic with High Expectations

(07/29/2014 10:14 PM)

Low #1 is a beautiful, ambitious debut that sets high expectations for future installments.

Derek McCulloch and Anthony Peruzzo on 'Displaced Persons'

(07/29/2014 9:59 PM)

The creative team behind the notable new graphic novel 'Displaced Persons' explore the history of San Francisco and this long-brewing project.

One Third Of Americans Have Debt In Collections

(07/29/2014 9:01 PM)

OK Econogeeks and non-econogeeks, this is interesting news. One third of us have debt in collections, but the details on debt are fascinating and relevant to those of us who watch markets as well as careerists. Consumer Debt isn't easily ...

Meet Thomas Anderson of Schlock Value

(07/29/2014 7:00 PM)

There are great books. There are bad books. But then there's those weird, obscure, strange, trashy-yet-intriguing novels we've all seen over the years. That cover that stuck in our heads as it was weird, that strange thing we think we ...

Big Eyes Smart Mouth: Knights of Sidonia (2014)

(07/29/2014 10:00 AM)

The first anime to be distributed exclusively on Netflix is dazzling and enjoyable enough to feel new, but plays it safe enough to go mainstream

Way With Worlds - More On Main Characters

(07/29/2014 8:49 AM)

As a worldbuilder, your world is a vast, interlinked creation, it stands there whirling in your head or your codebase or your notes. However few people want to hear the story of your world, they want to hear the story of people in it. Indeed there's a chance your world came about out of a [...]

Singles Going Steady 7/29/2019: Great Comics While You Were At Comicon

(07/29/2014 8:46 AM)

What comic this week is like The Empire Strikes Back on horse steroids?

Geek As Citizen: Boost The Signal - Be The Ambassador

(07/29/2014 8:19 AM)

So, you want to get people to notice good works out there. Being a Geek Citizen you want to "Boost the Signal" as I've unoriginally named this series. You want people to know what's worth your time - and of ...

Shinji Aramaki: The Art of the Mechs

(07/29/2014 8:02 AM)

Storytelling is not just about talking. It's also about design and looks.

Two Geeks Talking Tournament 6 begins August 4th!

(07/29/2014 8:00 AM)

Hey All! It's our 6th Anniversary! What better way than to have a Tournament! This year Episodes 251 - 309 will be battling it out to see who had the BEST interview! They can ONLY do that if YOU vote starting August 4th! What is the TGT Tournament? For those that don't know this Tournament [...]

Avalon Lords Official Trailer

(07/29/2014 6:21 AM)

Animus Interactive has just released a trailer for their upcoming MMORTS Avalon Lords, to go along with their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the ambitious game. Showcasing a persistent, seamless 3D world the size of England with impressive visuals for players, and the opportunity to develop an empire wherever and however players want, Avalon Lords looks to tread [...]

Mile High Not Happy With San Diego Comic Con

(07/28/2014 7:00 PM)

The famous Mile High Comics is going to start ditching Comic Con. It's just not financially viable to compete with the very publishers they support. I find this interesting as it seems Comic Con has come under fire for being ...

Lucy (2014)

(07/28/2014 2:00 PM)

It's a shameless, swift, stylish ride from start to finish.

Anime Roundup: July 28, 2014 (Post-Comic-Con Edition)

(07/28/2014 2:00 PM)

Gundam, Macross, Robotech, oh my.

Utopia 2.03

(07/28/2014 10:00 AM)

It's maybe the only time you'll watch a show where all the characters are shades of gray despite being filmed in Technicolor.

Geek As Citizen: Boost The Signal

(07/28/2014 8:56 AM)

"Ho ho ho. Isn't it nice we hate the same things?" Principal Skinner, "Principal Charming" Simpsons episode 7-15 Complaining about things is a popular past-time for people. We complain about movies, about music, about comics, about television, about politics. Complaining ...

Sucker Bait and Other Stories by Graham Ingels

(07/28/2014 8:51 AM)

Jason looks at one of the greatest artists of horror comics ever, the irreplaceable Graham "Ghastly" Ingels

Daytripper, A Life Examined Chapter Ten "Bringing it Home"

(07/28/2014 8:43 AM)

In part eleven of our twelve-part series discussing the luminous 'Daytripper', Daniel brings it all home.

'Short Peace': Genius In Miniature

(07/28/2014 8:00 AM)

Katsuhiro Otomo's involvement in this dazzling short-film anthology is reason enough to seek it out, but there's plenty more on top of that

Site News: New "All Articles" View

(07/28/2014 8:00 AM)

All articles are now available from the "What's New" dropdown.

Paige Halsey Warren from AHTspace

(07/28/2014 7:00 AM)

Paige Halsey Warren has had a passion for many creative outlets from her first comic Busty Girl Comics (BGC) to other outlets like Painting, Cosplay, Photography, Drawing and much more. That's why her newest comic AHTspace has her excited and passionate about her characters as well as the world she's created. As a bonus, she's [...]

You can now "DVR" your games with Raptr

(07/28/2014 6:00 AM)

Raptr is the PC gamer's favorite tool for social networking, recording video, streaming, optimizing settings and proving you're generally better at games than your buddy. Seriously, you get to level up IRL. With today's update, the good gets better with better gameplay video recording with basically no impact on your system's performance thanks to some top-of-the-line hardware

Episode 57 - Sam Beddoes (FreakZone Games) - The Indie Haven Podcast

(07/28/2014 1:19 AM)

Download this episode (right click and save) Hello and welcome to The Indie Haven Podcast. This week Andre and Laura are joined by Sam Beddoes from FreakZone Games. We chat through the weeks indie game news, working on the Angry Video Game Nerd license, game development origins and growing accessible tools to game creation. Come [...]

Telltale Games announces The Walking Dead Season Three

(07/28/2014 12:40 AM)

Confirming what most of us assumed would be a done deal to begin with, Telltale Games have announced that a third season of The Walking Dead is in development. No details or any other sort of specifics have yet been divulged regarding Season 3. The announcement of a third season of The Walking Dead was [...]

The Leftovers 1.04 "B.J. and the A.C."

(07/27/2014 2:00 PM)

So yeah, we get it: symbols are plastic and meaningless.

Video Interview: Drezz Rodriguez from Drezzworks

(07/27/2014 10:23 AM)

Kurt and Drezz discuss muses, traditional mediums, creativity and mental blocks

The Strain 1.02 "The Box"

(07/27/2014 10:00 AM)

Has it really been since the 1979 Tobe Hooper directed 'Salem's Lot miniseries since there were scary vampires on television?

How Super Mario Bros. was made

(07/27/2014 9:49 AM)

How Super Mario Bros. was made by Carlos Rodela How did we get Super Mario Bros? Where did this plumber and all those turtles come from? And what makes him 'super' anyways? Let's take a look back at Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Originally for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)... but before that the Arcade with [...]

Review: 'Uncanny Avengers' PART ONE: Uncanny Avengers #5-22 "Ragnarok Now"

(07/26/2014 2:55 PM)

Unity. It's the word that permeates Uncanny Avengers.

Review: Mousecraft

(07/26/2014 12:40 PM)

Mousecraft was the first game I ever went to see at a controlled preview event. A bunch of writers and bloggers crowded round a big TV rubbing elbows with developers and reps while they pointed out all the great features of the game. Needless to say, I left with a pretty promising impression of the [...]

Lost in Translation- Marvel’s The Avengers

(07/26/2014 10:53 AM)

Scott ponders the influences on Marvel's The Avengers movie

Geek Catalog Update: 7/26/2014

(07/26/2014 10:48 AM)

So here's my latest additions to the geek catalog (which is sorted by your geekery or your community focus). Go on, get involved! We've got a heaping helping of Citizen Science, resources for female geekery, and more! General Female Geeks ...

How Super Mario Bros. was made

(07/26/2014 8:33 AM)

How did we get Super Mario Bros? Where did this plumber and all those turtles come from? And what makes him 'super' anyways? Let's take a look back: Donkey Kong was created and released in 1981 so that Nintendo (and Miyamoto) could save some face from their not very good game, Radar Scope. The task

Lost in Translation - July News Round-up

(07/26/2014 6:30 AM)

Welcome back to the round up of news about adaptations, remakes, and reboots. Each month, Lost in Translation brings a selection of links to news items related to the focus of the column. Enjoy! American Gods picked up by Starz ...

Seventh Sanctum Update 7/25/2014

(07/25/2014 11:31 PM)

And the latest updates to the Writing Prompt Generator are here! I haven't incorporated every suggestion - and there are ones I will use because this isn't done yet. Most of my focus was on: Recombining various abstract "strings" to mix up a few results. Adding some Dickens-inspired lines about the times one lives in. [...]

Alison Acton from Bear Nuts: Interview

(07/25/2014 8:20 PM)

Living in a zoo together dwells adorable bears with their own unique personalities that sometimes mesh but when it does not erupts hilarious antics which can all be found in Bear Nuts. Alison Acton, mid-30's, initially came up with Bear Nuts as idle work when she and some of her co-workers were laid off at [...]

Little Girls Love Princesses

(07/25/2014 5:29 PM)

If you're looking specifically for a Princess-y Princess, though, check out the following titles!

Google is buying Twitch.tv

(07/25/2014 3:59 PM)

It's pretty much common knowledge now that Google will be buying Twitch.tv for $1 billion dollars. What's everyones thoughts on this purchase? I am confused on how I feel about it. I think it's awesome? Or is it terrible and monopoly-ish?

Daytripper, A Life Examined Chapter Nine "It's Time to Wake Up"

(07/25/2014 2:49 PM)

In part ten of our twelve-part series discussing the luminous 'Daytripper', Paul questions whether a dream sequence was the right creative choice.

Dungeons & D-Listers: Merlin and the Book of Beasts (2009)

(07/25/2014 2:00 PM)

You have been warned.

Lost in Translation 104: Mixing and Matching

(07/25/2014 10:00 AM)

What all the above means for Lost in Translation is that the choice of works to review needs to be diverse.

Review: Spoiler Alert

(07/25/2014 9:09 AM)

Spoiler alert! At the risk of ruining everything that has built up to this moment, I'm going to reveal this game's big secret: You kill the final boss in the first ten seconds. That's it, game over, credits roll. Wait. What's this? There's more after the credits? The game is now going... backwards? I just [...]

'Mononoke': To Extreme Sickness, Extreme Remedies

(07/25/2014 8:00 AM)

Long unavailable in anything but fansubs, this psychedelic horror-fantasy anthology is bewitching and intoxicating

Anime Roundup: July 25, 2014

(07/25/2014 8:00 AM)

New 'Macross' (!), 'Silver Spoon' season set, and 'Gurren Lagann' pierces late-night TV.

Video Game Break: Episode 2 - Top 10 Worst Games and the Digital Museum of Video Games

(07/25/2014 7:00 AM)

Video Game Break: Episode 2 Synopsis: (Click on the Link ^ to see the Show Notes of this Episode) Each week we discuss our picks for the best posts on our site, and bring them to you in glorious video format! This week we talk NES games that were never released in the US, 10 [...]

Review: 'The Killing Jar': It’s zombies. It’s a B-movie. We want to get to the action.

(07/25/2014 6:43 AM)

Like in all good zombie stories, the few non-zombified folks must band together to survive. Conflict ensues.

Review: 'Deathless' is better than most of the Big Two superhero stuff coming out lately

(07/25/2014 6:40 AM)

John really wants to love this mash-up of World War I and monsters

Conor McCreery from Kill Shakespeare

(07/24/2014 7:00 PM)

What if you took ALL of William Shakespeare's characters from all of his plays and threw them together. You'd get Kill Shakespeare. Coming back on the show, Conor McCreery talks with Two Geeks Talking about the newest Graphic novel, a potential TV Series in LA, Fan Expo Canada and so much more.

An Interview of Toby Barlow - Public Pool, Art Projects, And more

(07/24/2014 6:41 PM)

(This originally ran at MuseHack, but I had to run it here - a project to make albums that never were. Sanctumites, this is for you) Imagine a record shop with records that never were. It sounds like something out of a Neil Gaiman story, but Toby Barlow of Public Pool has his own vision. [...]

Adventure Time 6.12 "Ocarina"

(07/24/2014 10:00 AM)

He's just kind of an irresponsible dad.

Things That I Like: 8 Early Interaction Scenarios

(07/24/2014 8:39 AM)

This post originally appeared at The Oak Wheel on July 17th, 2014. Second Contact? Near-First Contact? I don't really know what the best term would be, but what we're talking about is that time after the first contact has been made between two alien civilizations, but not so long after that they're well-acclimated to each other. In other [...]

140 Character Reviews 7/23/2014 Comic Con means less reviewers, but we still got a lot of reviews!

(07/24/2014 6:50 AM)

Some reviewers we haven't seen in a while hopped in this week! Everyone take a peek to see who's back!

Dev Blog - Perfectionism, Self-Briefing and What This Game Actually Is (Developer Jake Sparrow- Hunter)

(07/24/2014 5:40 AM)

Jake Sparrow-Hunter is an Indie Developer currently working on his first game. He has a background in music composition and audio engineering and is particularly fond of chiptune and retro aesthetics. Spurred on by the desire to write music for a game and to make a childhood dream come true, he started his first project [...]

Majestic Nights is a conspiracy themed RPG set in an alternate 1980′s

(07/24/2014 1:23 AM)

Australian developer Epiphany Games has just announced Majestic Nights, a detective RPG set in an alternate version of the 1980's where conspiracies are not only rife, but they're also true. Set to release this September in episodic format, Majestic Nights casts players as an intelligence agent called Cardholder and a Private Investigator named Cal as [...]

Batman: Arkham Knight red hood DLC

(07/23/2014 8:31 AM)

It was leaked that Gamestop will be having a very interesting preorder bonus for Batman: Arkham Knight. You apparently get to be little red riding hood? The cool thing is that the DLC for preoders is an acess to two actual story packs (one including Harley Quinn). Another poster for the promotion:

Review: Steamalot: Epoch's Journey

(07/22/2014 9:11 AM)

Once in a while games will come along attempting to combine genres and concepts in fresh and interesting ways. Combining turn-based tactical strategy gameplay with a collectible card game Steamalot: Epoch's Journey from Risen Phoenix Studios is one such clever combination. Steamalot draws its story from Arthurian legend, with the trappings of steampunk thrown in [...]

Way With Worlds: Worldbuilding as Skillset, The Details

(07/22/2014 8:13 AM)

So last time we chatted about worldbuilding I mentioned that I think that it is a skill - but a skill like some of the management professions. Worldbuilding is the ability to combine skills, knowledge, and so on to produce a setting. The worldbuilding skill lets you build a world, relying on various other things you [...]

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Adaptations

(07/22/2014 7:00 AM)

Comic Book movie adaptations don't have to JUST be about Superheroes. In fact here is a list of Comic Books (or graphic novels) movie adaptations. Thanks to another great Top 10 List from Comics Bulletin Top Ten Non-Superhero Comic Book Movie Adaptations A column article, Top Ten by: Eric Hoffman In the spirit of Rolling [...]

Where's the Destiny Beta?

(07/21/2014 4:31 PM)

Have no fear .. the BETA for Destiny will be back up on July 23rd (exact time unknown). Check out some more info on the outage, and some helpful bits for when it does come back online here. I was luke warm on the Alpha, but after playing the Beta for awhile this weekend i'm back

Super Mario Bros. aquarium

(07/21/2014 1:00 PM)

Found this over on Nerdist .. super rad. If you have fish you owe it to yourself (and the rest of us) to build this.

'Flowers of Evil': O Rose, Thou Art Sick

(07/21/2014 8:00 AM)

An overwhelming experience, and a finely crafted one, but also harrowing and unpleasant from beginning to end -- even if that's supposed to be the idea

10 weird experiences in Grand Theft Auto 5

(07/20/2014 9:55 AM)

1. I parked a couple stolen cars in the middle on the street, and watched a traffic jam pile up. After awhile the cars really starting piling up. I was pretty happy with myself, and equally perplexed no one could figure out how to fix the problem. Every once and awhile a few people would

Sanctum Update - 7/19/2014

(07/19/2014 11:39 AM)

Let's talk the Writing Prompt Generator! Based on the feedback I've been getting I've been adding new stuff - in this case disasters and antagonists, as well as tweaking things here and there. It's definitely spiced things up, so go check it out! This was definitely one of the less-fun parts as I had to work [...]

Rejoice Dota 2 fans (and newbies)! The International 2014 is here!

(07/18/2014 9:04 PM)

Get hyped! The International 4 is here which means you're about to be glued to your screen not playing video games! The International is the biggest Dota 2 championship around, this year amassing an astounding prize pool of nearly $11 million and growing! That means even the losers in 13th and 14th place still take home over

Anime Roundup: July 18, 2014

(07/18/2014 8:00 AM)

Live-action 'Bakuman', live-action 'Akira' gets another go-round (sigh), and tons of Ghibli news. TONS.

One Weird Dream - One Great Story Idea

(07/15/2014 8:20 PM)

So I had a dream about a comic adaption of a series of horror fantasy short stories. The art was almost Sepia-toned. I recall a picture of a shrine in a city, and the city and shrine looked to be mostly metal, almost as if the city was made of pipes and plates, though they [...]

Seventh Sanctum Update 7/15/2014

(07/15/2014 7:26 PM)

Hey gang, what's up? Well for me most of the "up" is the Writing Prompt Generator, which I'm tweaking here and there as I get feedback. To be honest, I suspect this thing is easily going to take a month or two to get right - but on the other hand, I really am enjoying [...]

Way With Worlds: Worldbuilding As A Skillset

(07/15/2014 8:52 AM)

So you want to be a good world builder. You want to improve and evolve. Maybe it's because you like to write, and you'll be crafting new worlds regularly - because you don't want to repeat yourself. Maybe you want to dive deep into a world and deliver your ultimate work. Maybe you're a game [...]

'Knights of Sidonia': For The World Is Hollow And He Has Touched The Sky

(07/15/2014 8:00 AM)

The first anime to be distributed exclusively on Netflix is dazzling and enjoyable enough to feel new, but plays it safe enough to go mainstream

Did D and D Inspire A Generation of Writers?

(07/14/2014 7:54 PM)

The question is asked. My answer? Yes it did, but in two ways. First, D&D was definitely an influence on creative people and writers. That's a given. However, D&D also inspired other RPGs, which then inspired writing further. D&D also inspired other inspirers as it were. Frankly, I want to see more on this. I [...]

Anime Roundup: July 11, 2014

(07/11/2014 8:00 AM)

New Kenshin live-action clips, Ghost in the Shell remaster, Anime Mirai shorts, and Gus Van Sant's Death Note.

'Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth': Japan Through A Glass Un-Darkly

(07/9/2014 8:00 AM)

A gem of a show that confronts what it means for Japan and the West to be curious about each other -- and also how 'moé' can be an actual theme and not just a fetish

'Sailor Moon Crystal': To Be Promised The Moon

(07/7/2014 8:00 AM)

We've not only been promised the moon with the new 'Sailor Moon'; there's a good chance we'll actually get it

Anime Roundup: July 7, 2014

(07/7/2014 8:00 AM)

Satoshi Kon manga, NIS America and Nozomi licenses, and a new Ghibli trailer.

Anime Roundup: July 2, 2014

(07/2/2014 8:00 AM)

Non-anime but crucial: Japan has just moved to reinterpret its post-wartime constitution to allow coming to the military aid of friendly countries. This is a major break from how post-WWII Japan has typically handled its armed forces. A major...

'Code:Breaker': Someone Else's Idea Of Fun

(06/30/2014 8:00 AM)

A show this dismal is best seen as a symptom of anime's growing insularity

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