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This Week in Boom for 3/04/15

(03/4/2015 5:30 AM)

There's an exciting return in this week's list of Boom loot... Adventure Time Volume 6 TP, $14.99 I feel like Boom is doing everything right with Adventure Time. This collection contains 5 issues and I would guess you'd be able to find this for less than listed price, which makes it a great deal. Amazing [...]

Supernatural 10.13 & 10.14

(03/3/2015 2:00 PM)

I admit I came late to the Supernatural party.

Review: Peter Bagge's 'Sweatshop' is a Fun Lost Sitcom

(03/3/2015 1:30 PM)

Review: Peter Bagge's 'Sweatshop' is a Fun Lost Sitcom3.5Overall ScoreReader Rating: (0 Votes)In this era of pervasive Netflix and Hulu, even the most short-lived TV series never completely go away. Short-run shows seem to live on forever and become long-lived cult hits - the kinds of programs that make top 10 lists of shows that [...]

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Released on Steam

(03/3/2015 12:30 PM)

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 has been released on Steam for $7.99. Five Nights 3 takes the series in a different direction, seeing the player face only one animatronic killer as opposed to the wide cast from the previous iterations. The story sets the game in a Jurrassic Park-style attraction, 30 years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza [...]

Justified 6.06 "Alive Day"

(03/3/2015 12:00 PM)

Ultimately, "Alive Day" was a more satisfying episode of Justified than "Sounding."

Stealth Inc 2 Sneaking on to PS3, PS4, Vita, XBOne and PC this April

(03/3/2015 11:58 AM)

Stealth Inc 2, the sequel to Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole, also known as Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One in April. Developer and publisher Curve Digital previously released Stealth Inc 2 exclusively for the Wii U back in October. The [...]

Review: There Came an Echo

(03/3/2015 10:58 AM)

I can respect anyone who tries something new. Innovation is a risk, iteration is risk managed. For example, game control schemes haven't drastically changed in the last couple of decades. Aside from some rather abortive attempts at motion controls, if you're playing a game, you're doing it with a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. [...]

Agents of SHIELD 2.10 "What They Become"

(03/3/2015 10:00 AM)

All in all, since the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been unstoppable entertainment.

How 2 Live Crew Saved The Power Rangers

(03/3/2015 9:39 AM)

The words no one ever expected to hear have been said, "Power Rangers broke the internet." Last week, a 14 minute long, professionally produced, Power Rangers fan fiction video was posted on the web. It was a dirty, mature, and fun take on the usually family-friendly Power Rangers universe. A little campy, a little cool. [...]

Team-Up Review: 'Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen' is a Frustrating Disappointment

(03/3/2015 9:30 AM)

Jason Sacks: Gentlemen, I sometimes think the greatest force we fight inside ourselves isn't ambition or frustration or narcissism. The greatest force we fight is ennui, that sometimes overwhelming force of vague unhappiness that can permeate even the best of lives. Though a person may be experiencing a nice life with a wonderful wife and [...]

Agent Carter 1.08 "Valediction"

(03/3/2015 8:00 AM)

So in wrap up, Agent Carter is fun, engaging and smart. It incorporates comedy, action and drama in that way Marvel Studios does so well.

Anime Roundup: March 4, 2015

(03/3/2015 7:00 AM)

Theatrical anime comes a cropper in Japan, mainland China gets its fandom on, and Takahata talks his post-'Kaguya' project.

Singles Going Steady 3/3/2015: Haters Gonna Hate

(03/3/2015 5:30 AM)

Singles Going Steady is Comics Bulletin's weekly single issue review roundup. Darth Vader #2 (Kieron Gillen / Salvador Larroca; Marvel Comics) I'll be completely honest here with you folks, I was terrified when Marvel announced that they were publishing a limited Darth Vader series. I mean Star Wars is, and forever will be, my [...]

Picks of the Week: March 4, 2015

(03/2/2015 3:30 PM)

I'm most interested in Blackcross #1 this week, a book which seems to be flying under the radar. It's Warren Ellis and Colton Worley's first foray into Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers line. Ellis is one of the rare buy-on-sight creators, regardless of company or collaborator, as there's always kernels of brilliance, even among his occasional [...]

Gotham 1.17 "Red Hood"

(03/2/2015 2:29 PM)

This episode focuses heavily on the origins of another Batman villain, the Red Hood, who will eventually become one of Gotham's big players.

Adventure Time: Frost & Fire DVD

(03/2/2015 12:00 PM)

As we've come to expect with Adventure Time DVD collections, the 1st couple of episodes on Frost & Fire are the ones the set is named after.

Review: ‘Sensation Comics Vol. 1′: Not So Sensational

(03/2/2015 12:00 PM)

Since the death of Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston, in 1947, DC has notoriously found the character rather difficult to handle. Since she hasn't necessarily been placed into the correct creative hands over the years, there's not much wonder as to why (no pun intended). The digital-first series Sensation Comics thus provides an opportunity [...]

Frozenbyte Announces Trine 3

(03/2/2015 10:28 AM)

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power has been announced by Frozenbyte in a blog post on its site, complete with a trailer. Windows users will be the first to play Trine 3 sometime later in 2015, but Frozenbyte has stated that news for other platforms will be announced later. The trailer shows off both 2D [...]

Let Us Weep For Molyneux

(03/2/2015 10:18 AM)

Peter Molyneux is a special kind of human, as I read in this eulogy, so I will add my own eulogy. After all, the evil that men do lives after them, so let us remember the good. First, we must recall the many excellent games he has given us. What a genius Molyneux was when [...]

Unreal Engine 4 goes Free to Use

(03/2/2015 10:11 AM)

Unreal Engine has been a staple of game development for over a decade, which makes the news Unreal Engine 4 is going free all the more surprising. "Unreal Engine 4 is now available to everyone for free, and all future updates will be free," Tim Sweeney said in a blog post on Unreal's website. The only [...]

Some Indies to look out for at GDC

(03/2/2015 9:45 AM)

Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is here. With all those game developers gathering in one place it makes sense that there will be an indie presence there. Here's a rundown of all the games being featured at the Indie Megabooth, which will showcase 16 indie games and their respective developers at GDC this year: [...]

Episode 85 - Sean Oxspring (Utopian) - The Indie Haven Podcast

(03/2/2015 9:08 AM)

Download this episode (right click and save) Hello and welcome to Episode 85 of The Indie Haven Podcast, that weekly internet show where we get Indie developers on to talk about website APIs and pornography themed shooter games. This week Andre Miller and Joe Parlock attempt to host an episode of the Indie Haven podcast without [...]

Review: 'The Complete Far Side' is a Series of Sculptures

(03/2/2015 9:00 AM)

Review: 'The Complete Far Side' is a Series of Sculptures5.0Overall ScoreReader Rating: (0 Votes)Which is more impressive: a majestic, towering cathedral built from thousands of stones, or a small, intricate sculpture of a cathedral carved from a single stone? There's no right answer, of course. It's a matter of personal preference. Most of the time, [...]

Agents of SHIELD 2.09 "... Ye Who Enter Here"

(03/2/2015 8:00 AM)

This episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. packed in everything from conspiracy hints to girl-on-girl violence to prophecies of transformation.

Leonard Nimoy, Pop Culture

(03/2/2015 7:30 AM)

Leonard Nimoy passed away February 27th, 2015. You could watch the world react on the internet, in posts, on Twitter, on Facebook. You could feel the pain, the loss, the appreciation, the respect. The impact of his life was on display in the impact of his passing on people. I ...

BTFT: These Are Comics You Must Read

(03/2/2015 7:00 AM)

King Hell/Tundra, The Maximortal #1-6, written and drawn by Rick Veitch, 1992-1993 I love a good superhero deconstruction. They became all the rage for a while, with seemingly every creator wanting to tackle "their version" of a classic character. I'm fairly certain there are more analogues of Superman out there than any other character, and [...]

'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya': Her Life To Live

(03/2/2015 7:00 AM)

So much more than just a lavish Classics Illustrated story, Isao Takahata's brush-painted picture scroll of a movie asks where the real meaning of any of our lives lies

Endless parachutes with Adam Lang and Brenty Flyberg - Episode 47

(03/2/2015 12:33 AM)

Adam, Brent, and I sit down to talk Google AI, Endless Forest, Just Cause, Monster Hunter 4, World of Warcraft, Honey Butter french fries, Fifa, and playing games on the toilet (again). Download MP3...

[March 1, 1960] The Slow Sibling (March 1960 IF)

(03/1/2015 2:33 PM)

It is March Oneth, as my father would say, and it's time to review the last of the March 1960 science fiction digests.

Better Call Saul 1.04 "Hero"

(03/1/2015 2:00 PM)

For the first time the show really popped for me. Better Call Saul is well executed, but it lacks an appetizing hook.

What We Said Then: Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Past

(03/1/2015 1:00 PM)

What We Said Then: Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Past2.5Overall ScoreReader Rating: (1 Vote)With Spider-Gwen hitting stands this week, we thought it would be fun to go back to Wednesday, February 9, 2005, and see what our own Dave Wallace said about the final part of perhaps the most infamous comic ever to feature Gwen Stacy, "Sins Past" It's difficult [...]

The Originals 2.14 "I Love You, Goodbye"

(03/1/2015 12:00 PM)

With a title like "I Love You, Goodbye", you might be forgiven for agreeing with Elijah.

Whiplash (2014)

(03/1/2015 10:00 AM)

I would feel a lot better about these scenes if Whiplash, and Chazelle, were subverting that myth.

Sunday Slugfest: Spider-Gwen #1

(03/1/2015 9:03 AM)

(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Robbi Rodriguez SPIDER-GWEN SPINS INTO HER OWN SERIES! • BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! The breakout hit of the biggest Spider-Event of the century is taking comic shops by storm this winter with her own new ongoing series - SPIDER-GWEN! • Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, but you knew that already. What you DON'T know [...]

The Point - How Content is Killing AAA Games

(02/28/2015 11:14 AM)

Check out my buddy Danny dropping some knowledge!

Making of Homeworld Remastered

(02/28/2015 10:43 AM)

Check out this rad series from Gearbox!

Review: Belladonna

(02/28/2015 10:07 AM)

Belladonna advertises itself as a game about reanimated corpses and morality. Whilst the former is undeniable, the latter is something which one can take with a pinch of salt in its interpretation. I'll come back to this bit later. You control a girl who has a giant key turning in the back of her head. [...]

Lost in Translation - The History of Adaptations, 1930-39

(02/28/2015 5:30 AM)

There has been much said about the number of adaptations being made today. Most of the top grossing movies this decade have been adaptations. Studios are risk adverse, wanting guaranteed hits instead of unknown quantities. There's even talk of a superhero movie bubble, one due for a collapse. Problem is, ...

Review: The Deer God

(02/27/2015 4:19 PM)

You can read my thoughts about the Early Access release of The Deer God here. Since it's now fully released on Steam, I'm going to talk about the changes since then and give my overall conclusions about the game. First up: The Deer God is a 3D pixel art platformer game about a hunter who [...]

Top 10 TurboGrafx-16 Shooters!

(02/27/2015 8:33 AM)

What were your favorite Turbo shooter games?

Way With Worlds: Let's Talk About Race - Kind Of

(02/27/2015 8:30 AM)

And now, let's talk about building races in your world. Or actually not talk about races. Well kind of. It gets complicated. Building "races" is a big thing in worldbuilding, especially in the areas of Science Fiction and Fantasy. People craft epicly different alien races. Games have different stats for the "player races." Everyone seems [...]

Way With Worlds: A Team Effort

(02/27/2015 7:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) A lot of my discussions on world building here involve solo efforts, single-person worldbuilding. I'm pretty much speaking to you as a "you" because . . . well that's ...

Dirk Manning from Tales of Mr. Rhee

(02/27/2015 7:00 AM)

It's been a year or so but one guest never fails to entertain the masses as Dirk Manning from such books as Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee and his popular book Write or Wrong! We'll talk Kickstarter for Tales of Mr. Rhee. Write or Wrong, Howie Noel, The extras from the campaign, how it [...]

How Gary Whitta's Live-Action 'AKIRA' Screenplay Got It All Wrong

(02/27/2015 7:00 AM)

An interview with the screenwriter for the Western remake of 'AKIRA' only underscores all the more why such a project makes no sense

[Feb. 26, 1960] Fair Warning (a mystery launch)

(02/26/2015 7:25 PM)

Something took off today from Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, not far from Cocoa Beach.

TANDQ: Text Me Never

(02/26/2015 6:00 AM)

When will paper textbooks go away? Never. Yes, I say this despite the president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education stating "Textbooks are dead" last October (2014). In my defence, I can point to South Korea, who (back in 2011) declared they would go fully digital on texts by 2015 - only ...

Anime Roundup: February 25, 2014

(02/25/2015 7:00 AM)

ADV's rumored return, Astro-Boy's three-in-one resurrection, and 'Sidonia' makes it to home media.

Manyland looks awesome

(02/24/2015 10:52 AM)

This looks super awesome and rad, and I found it sooooo randomly. I'm signing up now! It reminds me of my buddies site 8-bit MMO in a way.

'Seraphim: 266613336 Wings': Oshii And Kon's Fragment

(02/24/2015 7:00 AM)

An unfinished but tantalizing collaboration between two of anime (and manga's) most idiosyncratic creative personalities, Satoshi Kon and Mamoru Oshii, this book inspires a close reading -- and no end of wonder about where one man's imagination began and the other one's ended

The Golden Geeks

(02/23/2015 7:30 AM)

Let's talk retirement, my geeks. We all slow down eventually. We'd all like to get out of the daily grind, or at least switch to a grind we like. We're also not getting any younger. At some point the question comes "how are you going to handle slowing down and ...

A Geek Talking: Kurt Sasso Documentary

(02/23/2015 7:00 AM)

Here's a short documentary that was created by Director Keren Traves and her fellow classmates for their second year University Documentary film making class. Kurt Sasso (that's me) was the subject and it followed a day in my life at University. There is also interviews with Professors and past students that I've interacted with. Not only am I in a double major in Visual Arts / Communication, Media & Film (minoring in Applied Information Technology), I also have been a Teaching Assistant for a number of years. I also get to talk about Two Geeks Talking and a variety of other topics.

On 'Princess Kaguya's Lack Of An Oscar

(02/23/2015 7:00 AM)

What if the real meaning of 'Kaguya's Oscar loss is that we should stop waiting for validation from all the wrong places?

[Feb. 23, 1960] Cepheid Oscillations (March 1960 Fantasy and Science Fiction)

(02/23/2015 5:50 AM)

From the depths of mediocrity to the peaks of quality, it looks like our long literary winter may finally be over. Perhaps the groundhog didn't see a shadow this year.

Jumping FTW in GTA 5

(02/22/2015 6:56 PM)

The post

Video Game Break Podcast - Episode 46

(02/22/2015 6:53 PM)

On this episode of VGB we talk briefly about The Order 1886 (and games journalism in general), old school games, a terrible Law & Order SVU episode, Alien Isolation, and Final Fantasy 15. And we...

Steve's Update 2/22/2015

(02/22/2015 9:55 AM)

Yes, I'm actually alive. I figured I'd clear that up. Mostly life has stayed crazy. Work is busy, though I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel there, and I'll keep you updated on that. Sadly, there've been some family health issues that are proving stressful, though I hope for good news there [...]

[Feb. 21, 1960] A birthday treat (A Tale of Two Space Programs)

(02/21/2015 7:30 AM)

Happy birthday to me! In celebration of the second anniversary of my Jack Benny birthday, here's my gift to you: a quick stop press of some recent military space endeavors, with a side of jocular sarcasm.

Lost in Translation 125 - Fixing The Legend of Chun Li

(02/21/2015 5:30 AM)

Welcome back to the Adaptation Fix-it Shop. The goal: rehabilitate remakes and reboots that, for one reason or another, just didn't work. This time in the shop, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. The Legend of Chun Li is the second Street Fighter movie. The first, Street Fighter: The ...

Way With Worlds: A Team Effort

(02/20/2015 8:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) A lot of my discussions on world building here involve solo efforts, single-person worldbuilding. I'm pretty much speaking to you as a "you" because . . . well that's my chosen audience focus; single [...]

Way With Worlds: Ethics

(02/20/2015 7:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) I love worldbuilding. You can kind of tell by how I wrote and now rewrite a huge series of columns on the subject. A lot of this is how-to, ...

Chris Scruton from Anarchy Brothers Press

(02/20/2015 7:00 AM)

Chris Scruton is a writer and an artist. He has been writing since the age of nine. In school he was mocked and teased, because he has a learning disability, but that never stopped him for his passion to write or to create anything from nothing. He is also a born again punk who believes [...]

'Porco Rosso': A Red Pig On The Wing

(02/20/2015 7:00 AM)

With this pre-WWII adventure, Hayao Miyazaki gave audiences young and old both a rollicking romp and a thoughtful drama, both in complement and not conflict

[Feb. 19, 1960] A missing step

(02/19/2015 5:34 PM)

Hello, all! I'd looked forward to keeping up the three articles per week pace throughout the whole month, but I find myself with a sick family to tend to. A big dose of space news on the 21st (my 39th birthday... or at least the 2nd anniversary thereof) and then the F&SF wrap-up.

The Possible Future of a Post-Pubescent Spiderman

(02/18/2015 9:20 AM)

Spiderman is moving over to the cool kids' table in the cafeteria. Or is it more like he's going to start lunching in the teachers' lounge? Either way, recent headlines have signified the start of a whole new web within the Marvel universal empire. And like that, we've swung into the long-awaited Sony and Marvel [...]

Need To Read 2/18/2015

(02/18/2015 7:30 AM)

Economics The Richest Cities For Young People - 1980 versus now - A real eye-opener on how much has changed in 35 years. On average once you hit 40 that's your income peak - From this report, it makes it clear for most people that around 40 is when most folks ...

Anime Roundup: February 18, 2015

(02/18/2015 7:00 AM)

A new 'Black Lagoon' is preparing to ship; 'ARISE' arises again; and FUNimation doubles up on its dubs.

Meet Sarah Lamb of Geek Girl Dinners!

(02/17/2015 7:30 AM)

Sarah Lamb is a consultant focused on social media and communities. After experiencing a Geek Dinner, she decided it was time to set up her own. She'd seen enough cases where women weren't always welcome at technical events, and she started her Geek Girl Dinners. Her focus is lowering barriers ...

[Feb. 16, 1960] 1 in 4 (February Twilight Zone round-up)

(02/16/2015 5:13 PM)

Unless you're watching the rather dull

A talented animator passes away

(02/16/2015 12:00 PM)

There are creative people everywhere you look, especially on this planet we call Earth. Every day they are making something special, unique and always pushing the boundaries of their talents to make themselves better. But, like every day someone that is creative has their candle extinguished. February 1st, 2015 was a sad day indeed... a [...]

Silicon Valley And Paradoxes

(02/16/2015 7:30 AM)

I often find Michael O Church bracing reading. I don't always agree with him (we differ both in levels of cynicism and other opinions) but he gets me thinking. Recently he'd posted about how places can't and shouldn't want to be the next Silicon Valley since it often didn't have ...

Let's Film This: 'The Dirty Pair'

(02/16/2015 7:00 AM)

After the slam-bang cosmic comedy of 'Guardians of the Galaxy', why not a live-action adaptation of the misadventures of those two interstellar troubleshooters?

Dying Light Review, Monster Hunter, and cookies - Episode 45

(02/15/2015 11:52 PM)

Brad Gallaway joins Kinsey and Carlos to talk Dying Light, Monster Hunter, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Nintendo YouTube business. Download MP3

[Feb. 14, 1960] A Valentine's Day gift (...In Distress, original fiction)

(02/14/2015 6:01 PM)

Howie Noel from Tara Normal

(02/14/2015 7:50 AM)

Last time Howie Noel was on the show he told the world how big publishers were blatantly ripping him off with no thought. It was a raw session that everyone should go back to and watch because it could happen to you. This time around, Howie's success has turned around and is getting known in [...]

Way With Worlds: The Ethics of Worldbuilding

(02/13/2015 8:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) I love worldbuilding. You can kind of tell by how I wrote and now rewrite a huge series of columns on the subject. A lot of this is how-to, or advice, or exploration, but [...]

'Pom Poko': An Imitation Of Life

(02/13/2015 7:00 AM)

It's easy to overlook how many layers of meaning there are in Studio Ghibli's bawdy, raucous tale of shapeshifting raccoons holding out against human encroachment -- especially when you're laughing this hard

[Feb. 12, 1960] Pulling up (Mar. 1960 Astounding)

(02/12/2015 6:14 PM)

It had to happen some day--

Dying Light - Sticky blood

(02/12/2015 8:16 AM)


Anime Roundup: February 12, 2014

(02/12/2015 7:00 AM)

GKIDS talks, "Golgo 13" ends, Miike directs manga, and copyright extensions threaten Japanese literary masterpieces.

Xenoblade Chronicles X looks awesome

(02/9/2015 1:22 PM)

I JUST now am seeing this (getting caught up on the last Nintendo Direct)....and wow. I really love how expansive the world looks. Sign me up!

'Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade': I Therefore Am No Beast

(02/9/2015 7:00 AM)

The best Mamoru Oshii film that Oshii never directed remains affecting and relevant fifteen years later

Dragon Age Inquisition Spoilercast - Episode 44

(02/9/2015 6:43 AM)

Kinsey, John, and I sit down to go through the WHOLE GAME and discuss what we all did at key points in the game. We also just reminisce and tell stories from our time in...

[Feb. 9, 1960] Fighting the World (Harry Harrison's Deathworld)

(02/9/2015 6:28 AM)

Every now and then

[Feb. 7, 1960] The sports that matter (Discoverer 9 and solar radar)

(02/7/2015 9:04 AM)

The score for this week--Civilian Space Science: 1, USAF Space Science: 0.

Way With Worlds: Crime And Punishment

(02/6/2015 6:23 PM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) Legal systems are important to our worldbuilding. I'd like to find a more flower way to say it, but really - theyre bloody important. Think about what a legal system is: A reasonably organized [...]

[Feb. 6, 1960] Finding my way (February 1960 Fantasy and Science Fiction)

(02/6/2015 4:32 PM)

Science fiction is my escape. When the drudgery of the real world becomes oppressive, or when I just need a glimpse of a brighter future to make the present more interesting, I turn to my growing collection of magazines and novels to buouy my spirits.

'Paradise Kiss': There's More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl

(02/6/2015 7:00 AM)

Far more than just a 'romance' or a 'love story', this is a story about becoming worthy of being loved -- and a sprightly, funny story at that

Liz Staley from Adrastus Comic

(02/6/2015 5:00 AM)

Giant Mecha Robots and an artist that created THE How to Bible of anything and everything Smith Micro Manga Studio 5 related (or whatever they are calling it now) We are back in 2015 with Liz Staley from Adrastus Comic! As a surprise her colourist and man who is no stranger to podcasting, member of [...]

Unboxing: Arcade Block January 2015

(02/5/2015 4:22 PM)

Go over to http://twitch.tv/GameSkewer to find more information on how to receive this very Arcade Block!

Things That I Like: 8 Things to Do With Zombies

(02/5/2015 12:10 PM)

8 Things to Do With Zombies Apparently I've been on a zombie kick as of late. I haven't actually written any zombie stories recently, but I just finished writing a three-part series of articles on zombies for Sanitarium and there's a zombie section to be written up soon, for a sourcebook that I'm putting together. [...]

Anime Roundup: February 5, 2015

(02/5/2015 7:00 AM)

Discotek conquers all with their reissues; Evangelion is back in Blu (if only in Japan for now); and Japan sheds a bit more of its pacifism, but what's replacing it?

[Feb. 4, 1960] Nurturing Nature (The First Men, by Howard Fast)

(02/4/2015 5:34 PM)

How do you attract the intelligent fan? Why, appeal to her/his sense of mental superiority, of course. Science fiction magazines do it all the time;

Birdman & The Superhero Bias

(02/3/2015 8:00 AM)

Click Bait: Is Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu a hipster that secretly hates his Birdman? Be the first amongst your peers to argue Yes! Riggan "Birdman" Thomson feels within himself a desire to bask in the adoration of his blockbusting masked hero by the masses, and the need to earn respect of the elite as a vetted [...]

Steve's Update 2/2/2015

(02/2/2015 6:50 PM)

Been awhile everyone! First of all, sorry for the lack of updates. Basically work has hammered me pretty hard - as in really hard. I haven't even done too much socializing beyond some convention speaking and a few meals with friends and dates. It's been pretty crazy. Haven't done much here beyond doing Way With Worlds due [...]

Usamaru Furuya's 'No Longer Human': The Downward Spiral

(02/2/2015 10:00 AM)

Osamu Dazai's despairing novel galvanized postwar Japan; Usamaru Furuya's modernized manga adaptation does justice to all its hearts of darkness

[Feb. 1, 1960] Sand in my shorts (On the Beach movie review)

(02/1/2015 1:26 PM)

Way With Worlds: Conflict's End

(01/30/2015 8:30 AM)

(Way With Worlds is a weekly column on the art of worldbuilding published at Seventh Sanctum, Muse Hack, and Ongoing Worlds) We've been discussing conflict as of late, from psychology to how speed (or lack of it) affects conflict. But conflicts inevitably end, if only because they become something else or because everyone involved ends [...]

Sean Ward from The Sean Ward Show

(01/30/2015 5:00 AM)

Long time friend and popular YouTuber Sean Ward from The Sean Ward Show talking about his Comic Videos that are reaching millions of views, his endeavours in being a fun and entertaining host and what's in store for his future in 2015.

[Jan. 28, 1960] But how do you really feel? (February 1960 Astounding)

(01/28/2015 3:03 PM)

I've devoted

[Jan. 27, 1960] Hail Mary (Astounding's mid-life crisis)

(01/27/2015 6:59 PM)

Maturity is both a blessing and a curse. With age comes wisdom, knowledge, and respect. But advanced years also bring narrowmindedness and physical decay.

[Jan. 23, 1960] Of Missiles and Monkeys (Little Joe 1-B and a Soviet ICBM)

(01/23/2015 2:21 PM)

It has been several weeks since either superpower has announced an orbital launch, but space news still manages to fill the front pages of my local newspaper:

Way With Worlds: Society And Disaster Moving Faster

(01/23/2015 8:30 AM)

Sometimes, conflicts and social breakdowns are all about speed. In fact I'd argue they're all too often about speed - fast or slow. That sudden change can be too sudden, and society falls apart. An invasion, a plague, a social breakdown can be damaging because they're so damn fast. Or you have a slow change is so slow [...]

Things That I Like: 5 More Thoughts on Designing a Wizardly Masquerade

(01/22/2015 12:00 PM)

Magic means that everyone is armed You may recall that there is something of a debate going on in America about gun control. Imagine that this couldn't even be a debate. Everybody had laser eyes and a third arm with rocket-propelled knife fingers. You could, conceivably, rip those eyes out and amputate that arm, but [...]

[Jan. 21, 1960] Siamese, if you please (February 1960 Galaxy)

(01/21/2015 6:42 AM)

I made fun of

[Jan. 18, 1960] The Winds of Change (Predictions for the 1960s)

(01/18/2015 8:15 AM)

There should be nothing significant about the turn of a decade. After all, years that end in zero are a completely artificial construction. Yet, there is a powerful reductive element to the human psyche that demands that decades be put into descriptive boxes. Perhaps we even shape events to create self-fulfilling prophecies.

[Jan. 14, 1960] Twin Stars (February 1960 Galaxy)

(01/14/2015 5:28 PM)

[Jan. 12, 1960] Twilight of the 60's (Twilight Zone monthly wrap-up

(01/12/2015 5:36 PM)

I was asked by a dear reader if I had stopped watching

[Jan. 08, 1960] Between Peaks (January 1960 If)

(01/8/2015 4:32 PM)

I've finally finished the January 1960

[Jan. 5, 1960] Perpendicular to Up (4D Man)

(01/5/2015 4:51 PM)

What is it that separates schlock from the sublime in a science fiction movie? To the nondiscriminating, I suppose they all look the same. The same may go for the discriminating, but for opposite reasons. I know I have very high standards when it comes to my science fiction. This is the price I pay for having read so many excellent stories. Thus, for me the visual medium generally lacks, though there are exceptions.

[Jan. 2, 1960] Happy New Year! (January 1960 F&SF)

(01/2/2015 6:37 AM)

Good Lord, is it already 1960?

[Dec. 25, 1959] Merry Christmas!

(12/24/2014 7:56 PM)

I'll be taking a week-long break for the holidays, but I will return on January 2nd. Thank you all for reading, and during my hiatus, please feel free to catch up on any older articles you might have missed.

[Dec. 22. 1959] Put a finer point on it (Starship Troopers)

(12/22/2014 6:54 AM)

It is common practice for serials published in science fiction digests to get turned into stand-alone novels. Not only does this constitute a nice double-dip for publishers and authors, but it offers the writer a chance to polish her/his work further. Sometimes, the resulting product ends up something of a bloated mess. In the case of Heinlein's

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