The Core Management Team of Crossroads Alpha are a collection of professionals who wanted to make sure that the modern, professional geeks had one place to come to get techniques, information, and news with the depth they wanted.

Here we provide an alliance of like-minded sites the ability to cooperate. There's a combined newsfeed and newsletter to let you get your news at once. We network among ourselves with talks, an affiliate bar, and more. If you're interested, drop our webmaster a line.

Let's meet the team!

Jason Sacks, Chief Media Officer

For ten years Jason Sacks has been senior editor, owner, and general make-it-happen man of Comics Bulletin. When not doing that he's a writer, author, and manager in IT.

At Crossroads Alpha Jason is the Chief Media Officer, applying his broad knowledge of press, interviews, networking, and communications to build a strong site for everyone.

Jason Sacks is way more obsessed with comics than he should be. When he's not rooting on the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks or project managing ebook apps for companies around the world, he can be found watching reality TV, writing about comics and graphic novels, and doing a terrible job tending his lawn. He also is the owner and Publisher of Comics Bulletin, which is only the coolest site on the web for smart comics reviews and analysis. He sometimes tweets in a great flurry @jasonsacks

Jason has authored or co-authored several books on comics history.


Jose San Mateo, Chief News Officer

Jose San Mateo is the founder of game site IndieHaven. A news professional, when he's not using his knowledge to help turn IndieHaven into the resource for Indie game information, he's covering stories and beats in the SF Bay Area.

At Crossroads Alpha, Jose is the Chief News Officer, making sure that we keep the information flowing, setting the professional tone, and advising us on the arcana of communications.

Jose is a straight shooter who always goes the paragon route. He's a journalist plying his trade as a sports reporter at a traditional print newspaper in Vallejo California. He's also an avid gamer that is out to spread the word about cool indie games through the website he helped found called Indie Haven . When not penning penning articles about about video games you can find him on twitter @JAsanmateo.


Steven Savage, Chief Organizational Officer

Steve Savage is the founder of MuseHack and Seventh Sanctum. A Program Management Professional and former engineer, when he's not keeping things organized, he's organizing cloud computing projects in Silicon Valley.

At Crossroads Alpha, Steve is the Chief Organizational Officer, making sure everything is running smoothly, as well as using his programming experience to build the central site.

Steve's a professional geek who speaks, writes, blogs, and in general won't shut up about geek culture and careers. You can find his personal blog at and his books at He also assists people being more insanely creative at You can also watch him tweet at @StevenSavage


Paul McCoy, Head of Psycho Drive-In

Paul is the man behind Psycho Drive-In.

He works closely with the other sites and authors, as he writes on nearly everything, from comics to history to culture.

Paul Brian McCoy is the Editor-in-Chief of Psycho Drive-In, writer of Mondo Marvel, and a regular contributor/editor for Comics Bulletin. His first novel, The Unraveling: Damaged Inc. Book One is available at Amazon US & UK, along with his collection of short stories, Coffee, Sex, & Creation (US & UK). He recently contributed the 1989 chapter to The American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s (US & UK) and has kicked off Comics Bulletin Books with Mondo Marvel Volumes One (US & UK) andTwo (US & UK). Paul is unnaturally preoccupied with zombie films, Asian cult cinema, and sci-fi television. He can also be found babbling on Twitter at @PBMcCoy

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