Want to get involved in Crossroads Alpha? Here's your chance! From staff to entire new sites, we'd like to hear from you.

Any specific questions can be addressed to our webmaster

Comics Bulletin Is Looking For . . .
  • Writers - We're looking for reviewers and writers..
  • Site Personnel - People experienced in site "traffic control" - posting, editing, and more to help behind the scenes.
Indie Haven Is Looking For . . .
  • Contributing writer- I need someone willing to write written content for the website. We're always in need of reviewers, but also people who can write features, news posts and Op/Eds if they are willing. Previous journalism experience welcome, but not required.
  • Livestreamers- I'm looking for people willing to play games while doing commentary for our TwitchTV stream. Some video editing and writing skills will be required. Part of the job will entail editing those streams and putting them up on YouTube then posting those vids as posts on our site.
MuseHack Is Looking For . . .
  • Contributing writer - Looking for writers who want to focus on geeks, fans, otaku and how they use their interests in career and community building. We're interested in both general and specific subjects, and are especially interested if one wants to take on a specific focus.
  • News Gatherers - I'm looking for someone who can compile relevant news articles into weekly and monthly updates, focusing on news related to.
Psycho Driven-In Is Looking For . . .
  • Contributing Writers - We are looking for writers interested in contributing ongoing reviews of television series and/or also contributing to some of our ongoing columns. The columns seeking contributors each have individual focuses ranging from Exploitation Film in General, to Samurai Film, to Bizarre Online Streaming Films, to Top 5 / Top 10 Lists.
  • News Gatherers - We are looking for someone who can compile news articles into weekly updates, focusing on news related to horror, sci-fi, and/or fringe film and television.
Seventh Sanctum Is Looking For . . .
  • Contributing writers - We need writers who can write on creativity - art, fiction, and more. Prefer themed columns.
  • Link Gatherers - We want to publish gatherings of amusing and artistic links relevant to the audience. Light commitment, but we prefer updates every week to every few days.


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